10 Highly Paying Psychology Jobs in Philadelphia (Worth $350,000)

Have you been wondering how you can access high-paying psychology jobs in Philadelphia and other parts of the United States in this post we will discover highest paying jobs you can get with a psychology degree.

Most importantly, on each of the jobs reviewed, we are leaving the average salary and how to get the job, this post is bringing to you the information you need to get your next job as a psychologist in Philadelphia.

It is good to point out the dichotomy between highest paying jobs with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and highest paying jobs with a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

In the same vain, is is important to finger the discrepancy between a hardworking psycologist and the entitled graduate who believed in certificates – more than the solutions.

So, when you hear blogs carry titles like ‘highest paying psychology jobs’ here and there, take note of the fact that any height in career comes with a handful of responsibilities.

That said, let us proceed with making list of great career opportunity in this field.

Aside from getting a job, you will also get to know the work environment and opportunities for psychologist around the globe, as you read further you will begin to unravel the current ongoing job offer.

Who is a Psychologist?

A Psychologist studies mental processes, mind, and behavior, by observing, interpreting, and recording how people relate with one another and also with their environment.

Aside from the job of psychology, let’s talk about what they do.

Psychology profession encompasses specialty areas not only therapy, it includes a lot more than human research.

It will interest you to know that a Psychologist carries out several types of research that ranges from animal and organizational behavior.

It is not news that Psychologist is known to work together but some work independently, other as part of the health care team collaborating with physicians, social workers and others helps the society create awareness for overall wellness.

What do psychologists do?

There are lots of activities and researches carried out by a Psychologist, some of them are:

  • Finding patterns that will them understand and predict behaviour
  • Conducting scientific studies, interviews, tests, and surveys
  • Developing programs that improve schools workplace
  • Identifying and diagnosing mental, behavioural, or emotional disorders
  • Developing and carry out treatment plans

Most importantly, Psychologists seek to understand the thoughts, emotions, feelings, and behavior, in achieving these objectives, they make use of techniques such as observations, assessments, and experimentations to develop theories about their beliefs.

They also gather information and evaluate behaviour through controlled laboratory experiments psychoanalysis or psychotherapy, majorly when it comes to human research they make use of personality, performance, aptitude, intelligence, and also watch out for cause and effect relationships between events.

Top Jobs for Psychologist in Philadelphia

The following listed jobs are the current psychologist jobs in Philadelphia. if you have not been paying attention lately, this is the time to show more interest.

Senior Director of Behavioral Health

Job Role: Senior Director of Behavioral Health

 Company: Public Health Management Corporation

Check the official link for update

Location: Philadelphia


Job Role: ADON

 Company: General health care Resources

Location: Philadelphia

Check the official link for more info

Salary: $95,000 – $112,000 /Year

Health Care Position

Job Role: Health Care Position

Company: General health Resources

Location: Drexel Hill

Check out the official link to apply

Salary: $60,000 – $78,000/Year

Survey Assistant Customer (Service work from home)

Job Role: Survey Assistant Customer (Service work from home)

Company: HomeJobStaffing

HomeJobStaffing is a recruitment company focussing on helping people work from home.

Location: Philadelphia

Check the official link for more info

Salary: $300,000 – $350,000/Year

Administrative Assistant

Job Role: Administrative Assistant

Check the official link for more info

Kelly | Philadelphia

Administrative Assistant

Job Role: Administrative Assistant

Check the official link for more info PeopleShare Inc | Norristown

Salary: $16.60/Hour

Administrative Assistant

Job Role: Administrative Assistant

FLEX-N-GATE | Philadephia

Check the official link for more updates

Salary: $50,000 – $90,000/Year

Clinical Care Manager Psychiatric Emergency Services

Job Role: Clinical Care Manager Psychiatric Emergency Services

The clinical care Manager is responsible for utilization management by conduction Utilization review activities population management and lots more. For more information check the official website   

Temporary administrative

Job Role: Temporary administrative

Company: Beacon Hill Staffing Group, LLC | Philadelphia

Check the for more info official website

Administrative Assistant

Job Role: Administrative Assistant

Company: Financial Additions, Inc. |

Location: Marple Township

Check the official website for more updates


How to Become a Psychologist?

To become a psychologist you need to have a doctoral degree in Psychology and if you are planning to make it big and be largely recognized in your field, get a master’s degree.

Furthermore, if you are wondering to become a psychologist, all you need is the passion for this profession, the rest will surface gradually as you position yourself for greatness.

Work Environment for Psychologists.

According to research Psychologist holds about 192,300 jobs. Below is the distribution of the occupation

Clinical, counselling and school psychology jobs is about 171,500

Psychologist occupations which is second to the highest took 19,800

The industrial-organizational psychologist took the least jobs and it is about 1100

Who is the largest employer of a psychologist?

For there to be 192, 300 jobs for psychologists mean that there are categories of employers contributing to this increase.

The following are the estimated percentage of psychologist employers globally

Self-employed took the highest percentage of 31%

Elementary and secondary schools state, local and private: 24%

Ambulatory service: 18%

Government: 9%

Hospital; state, local and private: 6%

This research has shown that psychologist has a lot to do in getting a job, self-employment is one way to pronounce your efficiency for the right job.

What are the Jobs available for Psychologists?

There are several job available for psychologist and some of them are;

Clinical Psychologist: they assess, diagnose, and treat mental, emotional, behavioral disorders.

Counseling Psychologists: through counseling, they walk with patients to manage their problems by analyzing their strengths, weaknesses, and feelings.

Developmental Psychologist: Many development psychologists focuses on children, adolescents to study psychological progress that takes place throughout life. They may also study older adults facing aging problems.

Forensic Psychologist: This psychologist work hand in hand with a legal firm, they make use of psychological principles in the legal and criminal justice system. They typically specialize in family, criminal, and civil casework, while working on a case they might need to testify in court as an expert witness.

Rehabilitation Psychologist: They often work with disabled individuals and they help with improving the quality of life.

School Psychologist: They make use of psychological principles and techniques to education disorders and developmental disorders especially for children with learning problems.

They are sometimes addressed as counselors for student’s families to address behavioral problems by designing and implementing the performance of the student through evaluating performance.

Industrial-Organizational Psychologist: They apply Psychology to the workplace, making use of psychological principles and research methods to solve problems and to improve the quality of work life.

Industrial-Organizational Psychologist participates in the training and development of top executives managers and specialists.

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