3 Precise Ways to Pass Adamawa State University (ADSU) Post-Utme 2021/2022

In simple terms, here are just a few tips to help you Pass Adamawa State University (ADSU) Post-Utme 2021/2022. Adamawa state university is one that always welcomes students from both science and commerce.

Their POST UTME isn’t that difficult and with proper preparation, you can be amongst their first choice students.

If you were searching through the internet for the right tips on how to pass the ADAMAWA STATE UNIVERSITY 2021/2022 POST UTME, then here you are for all you may need to know.

In this article, I have compiled the information needed for any student needed to write and ace the POST UTME of ADAMAWA STATE UNIVERSITY this 2021/2022 session.

So kindly make sure you go through this article with keen interest and make some notes if you want to write the POST UTME once and scale through.

Adamawa State University (ADSU) Post Utme 2021/2022

Adamawa State University (ADSU) is a state university located in Mubi in the northern senatorial district of Adamawa State in Nigeria.

It was established in the year 2002 towards ensuring rapid development and transformation of the state exactly as the motto states ‘education for development’.

Here are some tips how to ace your post UTME exam. Here are some tips which may already be known to you but still go through it so that you can refresh your memory so that success shall surely be yours.

Below are some things to guide you towards success in your post utme examination.


 Don’t expect any long story here just know that you can make this examination by of course first of all by applying, then start serious intensive reading.

Prepare as hard or even harder than how you prepared for your senior WASSCE.

Then remember to always enter the exam hall with courage. Take note that in your preparation for this examination buy the past questions to the post UTME exams of the university so as to know their technique for asking questions.

Doing this can help you determine the places the university likes to concentrate on thereby giving you an upper hand in the examination you are preparing to tackle.

This will enable you to spot repeated questions and answer them immediately.

Be consistent in your reading so as to be very prepared when the time comes. So start now and remember this that “Rome was not built in one day” so you have to start preparing early and not wait till a week before the exam to start reading, also remember to pray to whichever God you worship to help you.

Finally, also remember this very important rule in passing an examination to be punctual to the exam so that you can recollect well before the exam starts, this always decreases tension and increases concentration.


As you select the course you wish to take on, consider the following things:

  1. Whether you’ve got what it takes to go through the course because some courses can be more stressful than the other and therefore you should know whether you can bear the difficulties of this course.
  2. Check your environment and know whether it can help you generate an income.
  3. Know whether the course if it is even needed in your country.
  4. What type of industry do you want to go into.

This will help you not to enter into a course you will either drop out from eventually or make you regret your decision on picking it at all.

Because once the mistake is done nothing can be done because the money has been spent.

So to avoid that begin now to think of what you wish to be in the future if you haven’t yet thought about it to prevent any regrets in the future.

Many have made mistakes about this so do not be among them.


The portal for online registration is normally open between the months of May, July and October but because of the COVID-19 global pandemic the ADSU post UTME form for 2020/2021 academic session is yet to be announced, but keep a continuous check on this page because when it is out it, we will make it known to you or a steady visit to the university website www.adsu.edu.ng so as to know when it is out.

Be early in your registration to avoid any mishaps like bad network and other things that we know that happens in Nigeria.

Don’t fail to miss the registration! So keep on repeatedly checking this page or you can also go to the school website that has already been given above.


Always ask questions so as to prevent misinformation even if you hear anything about the ADAMAWA STATE 2021/2022 POST UTME, like for example which accounts to pay in your money always be like Thomas who doubted till he saw Jesus with his own eyes, so be sure to always check on this page or go to the school website so as to confirm whether the aptitude test has even come out at all.

To avoid being tricked by con men into paying into their own account always crosscheck with this page or the school website to be very sure.


The first and most important of all things is to buy the form. You should also be sure that the firm has actually come out to avoid being tricked into buying a nonexistent form.

So therefore to prevent this always be sure to check on the school website through this link www.adsu.edu.ng or you can come to this page of job readers to check and be sure.

I would like to advise whoever is reading this to keep checking every day because though today it is not yet out you never know about tomorrow and it may be out then.

This is to ensure that you are among the first people to apply for the forms.


Duration for the exam will be made known to you by the university. To prevent not finishing on time try to time yourself as you solve the past question papers so as to finish on time (let’s say 30 -40 minutes per each year’s past question) and avoid leaving the exam hall with tears in your because you didn’t finish on time but actually you may have known everything to write.


Post UTME candidates must possess five ‘o’ level credits in including English and mathematics.

So to spare yourself any waste of time if you don’t have these credits don’t bother applying for this examination to prevent you from wasting your time just to realize you cannot go for the examination.Related post

Another very integral part of the POST UTME screening is – did you write your JAMB? In a case where you didn’t write your JAMB or failed to meet up to the cut-off mark, kindly relax and prepare efficiently for the next years’ ADAMAWA STATE UNIVERSITY POST UTME.

Most importantly, make sure that your mind is well prepared for writing the exam, take deep breaths when solving your questions and don’t panic if there’s one you can’t solve, simply move on to the next.

So strictly follow these tips already written above and you will finish your post UTME with a very big smile on your face.

From all of us here, we wish you good luck as you prepare for your ADAMAWA STATE POST UTME 2021/2022 APTITUDE EXAM.

Feel free to always check back on us and drop a comment so that we can always be of assistant to you. You can also read through many other ideas on how to pass POST UTME APTITUDE EXAMS from our site and combine all the knowledge you can to Ace your exam.

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