Top Biochemistry Jobs in the United States (that Pay Well)

Getting a biochemistry job that pay depends largely on several factors and they include the individual, the quality of information available to candidates and the right choice of disciplines. With average annual salary ranging from $102,270 – we have prepared this post to help you learn about the top biochemistry jobs in the United States.

Understandably, everything you will be learning from this page and how much you will appreciate the information will be depending on what you already know about biochem and what exactly you are trying to discover.

As a scientific study that is concerned with the direct application of chemistry to the study of biological processes at the cellular and molecular level, getting biochemistry jobs that pay very well in developed nations is more likely. This post is, however, focused on revealing the top paying career in biochemistry, in the United States.

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To begin with, it is important to reiterate the fact that every discipline is great so long it has positive impact in human lives and our societies at large. However, choosing the right biochemistry discipline bases on percieved career opportunities will pose no harm to who is concerned.

Before we proceed with listing these hot-selling biochemistry jobs in the United States, let us begin with having a clear view of the discipline and a number of things you may love to learn about these top biochemistry jobs in the United States.

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What is Biochemistry?

Biochemistry is a branch of science that delves into the chemical processes within and related to living organisms. These processes are studied because they give rise to the complexity of life. For example, every living cell goes through an important biological process. And it is up to biochemists to study this and find out what is the need for this within a cell.

Biochemists study life science and chemical science. Here they explore the chemistry of living organisms and the molecular basis for the changes occurring in living cells. This study has become the foundation for understanding all biological processes.

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Now, let us list the top 10 biochemistry jobs inn the United States. At the end, we will be making recommendations regarding current recruitment opportunities.

Top 10 Biochemistry Jobs in the United States with their Salaries

It is important to note, that if you are applying for most positions in academia or high leadership in research typically require at least a master’s degree, and most prefer doctoral-trained professionals.

That stated fact does not erase the fact that there could be other basic requirements for job roles in this field. However, having outlined these basic, let us look at the top career opportunities around biochemistry in the United States:

Biochemists and Biophysicists

Now, I know you are thinking biochemistry and biophysics are two different career fields. But Biochemists and biophysicists share a common boundary.

They have a primary scope of study centered on physical and chemical principles of cell development, disease, growth, and genetic patterns. 

This is a wonderful job as the components of the work involves:

  • Researching the effects of hormones in biological processes and tissues
  • Understanding the effects of drugs on biological processes and tissues
  • Reviewing the effects of nutrients on biological processes and tissues
  • analyzing and synthesizing DNA, fats, and protein
  • Managing a team of laboratory technicians

This is amongst the best biochemistry jobs because there are openings across the nation yearly. Positions are also regularly opening for graduates in this field.

The median salary is $82,180 annually according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This is a great field if you are looking into a career as a biochemist.

Chemists and Material Scientists

Being a chemist is very interesting as you get to study substances at a molecular and atomic level. You will get the chance to understand how these substances interact with the environment.

As a chemist and material scientist, you have few areas of work to be involved in such as:

  • Developing new testing methods and products. This can be seen during the Global COVID 19 Pandemic how chemists developed methods to help fight the battle
  • Instructing scientists and technicians on proper testing procedures and chemical processing
  • Complex research projects

According to the BLS (2017), the median annual income of a chemist and material scientist was $75,240. Biochemistry jobs such as these are always opening across the nation.

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Chemical Safety Engineer

A chemical safety engineer designs systems and develop procedures.

This helps protect workers from injuries and illnesses while working with chemicals, furniture, machinery, software, and consumer products. Your duty as a chemical safety engineer involves:

  • reviewing specifications and plans for new machinery
  • ensuring that products and buildings comply with all state and federal safety requirements
  • identifying and correcting potential safety hazards

To work in this field a minimum of a bachelor’s degree is required of you. The median salary of someone working in such a field is $86,720

Chemistry Professor

This is for those that have an interest in academia. Working here mostly revolves around guiding students in laboratory studies, giving lectures, preparing class material, grading tests, and much more.

It is also essential that chemistry professors publish their scientific researches as well.

The competition for a full-time tenured professor position is very competitive and intense.

Forensic Science Technician

Television shows like CSI and Bones have given a high rise of interest to what forensic scientists do. Although these shows are not completely accurate they have turned the heat on this biochemist job.

A forensic scientist is someone who collects samples of evidence from a crime scene, analyzes them.

The findings from the analysis help an investigator come to a conclusion of who committed a crime.

These samples can be bodily fluids, hair samples, blood splatter, and fingerprints.

And some duties such as photographing evidence, recording observations, and reconstructing crime scenes are also part of the job description.

The minimum salary of a forensic science technician is $56,750. But you can make a lot more when you acquire more advanced training.

Medical Scientist

A Medical scientist uses information gotten from research and clinical trials to make informed decisions.

These decisions are important because they help improve human health.

The duties of medical scientists involve:

  • working with state and federal health departments to improve health outcomes for large groups of people
  • creating and testing medical devices
  • standardizing the potency and doses of prescription drugs to ensure safe mass manufacturing

From research, most medical scientists have a doctorate in biochemistry or another field related to chemistry.

The minimum salary of such biochemistry jobs according to U.S BLS is $56,750 annually.

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Plastic Surgeon

Plastic surgery is a hands-on task where they repair, replace, or reconstruct physical defects of function or form on a human.

A plastic surgeon operates on a patient’s skin, breasts, trunk, hands, external genitalia, musculoskeletal system, maxillofacial and cranial structures, or the extremities.

A plastic surgeon is majorly known for human reconstruction purposes. This profession has helped the lives of women who lost their breasts due to cancer battles.

A plastic surgeon helps in reconstructing their breasts and making them feel good about themselves.

To be involved in such a field of biochemistry, a minimum of a medical degree is required, internship, and residency.

The median salary of a plastic surgeon biochemistry jobs is $208,000.

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Technical Sales and Marketing

According to the American Chemical Society, a technical marketer is someone who combines his or her scientific knowledge, business skills, and outgoing personality traits to offer appropriate solutions to the business and technical issues their customers face.

Being a technical sales marketer means that you are involved in all phases of a product. These phases are:

  • Product cycle
  • Including advertisement
  • Market research
  • Packaging
  • Concept development
  • Sales
  • Shipping

On the job, technical sales marketers are involved in sales of imaging equipment, computer software, scientific publications, laboratory equipment, etc.

The U.S BLS has reported that the median annual income for these marketers is $100,000.

Technical Support Specialist for Scientific Products

Being a technical support specialist means that you will be taking calls from customers operating or repairing a scientific product.

You will also be visiting workplaces to investigate malfunctioned and broken equipment.

After ascertaining that the product needs repair, you will bring it in for repairs.

Some of the requirements for such biochemistry jobs is that you must have in-depth knowledge about the scientific product.

This is vital because you might be called for guidance when such a product is malfunctioning.

Such Technical support biochemistry jobs holder receives a median salary of $52,160 according to the U.S BLS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether it is biochemistry jobs in USA for foreigners, biochemistry jobs bachelor’s degree and other qualifications within or outside the United States, users have continued to ask questions relating to these fields. A number of these answers will also help you find what you are looking for:

Are biochemists in demand in USA?

Answer: Yes, biochemistry jobs are relatively in high demand in the United States.

It is also projected to grow with by over 15% from 2021 to 2031. When My Life tried to compare this projection, it comes to a finding that the expected growth is much faster than average for all occupations in the USA and other informed societies.

Same report has it that in the United States alone, over four thousand (4,000) job opening come up for biochemists and biophysicists – and that this trend is showing consistency for some decades today. What this has to affirm is the fact that biochemistry jobs pay very well in the United States and also in a very high demand owing to its numerous impacts.

What companies are hiring for biochemist jobs in United States?

The top companies hiring now for biochemist jobs include hospitals, colleges of medicine, community organizations and lot more. However, to access ongoing job recruitment opportunities, kindly dive into LinkedIn job page for application.

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