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Frequently asked questions

What is Jobreaders really all about?

Jobreaders is an eLearning platform and a community of top industry leaders and stakeholders who are committed to transforming lives, including theirs.

How can I Learn Skills with Jobreaders?

Jobreaders e-library is tacked with information products, ranging from eBooks, online courses, masterclasses, and webinars. Upon payment you receive to start learnings.

Will I get Certificate on completion?

Not many courses come with certification at Jobreaders. Professional courses have certificate issued by Jobreaders or the third-party knowledge provider.

Jobreaders' primary goal is to promote potent and profitable skills that will effectively bridge the skill gap in Africa. Your payment is covered by our moneyback guarantee.

Does Jobreaders have short courses?

Jobreaders has short courses for different skills. However, online courses at Jobreaders come in shapes and in sizes, depending on the complexity of the skill.

Will I get the exact result in my own project?

Courses at Jobreaders are created with extra guides ( more like an outline) with committed support that will ensure you get the desired result.

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