2023/2024 Concordia University Admission | $19,114 Financial Aid

This study breaks down the steps and official information about Concordia University admission, the school’s acceptance rate, tuition and financial aid (including a number of scholarships and research funding scholarships).

Concordia University makes a formal claim to the fact that up to 90% of the school’s graduates are employed full or part-time and with an advanced study within one year of graduation.

Aspiring students from all over the world have come to terms that Canada has become one of the largest student destinations, over the past few decades.

One of the primary reasons for this obvious traction is the number of career opportunities that await graduates from several of its institutions. The minimum financial aid award to the average first-time, full-time freshman is $19,114, based on some previous events.

Graduate students in Concordia University and most of the other schools in Canada get funded for different research topics, with many other career opportunities for students within and outside the citadel.

If you are planning to emigrate to Canada, as a student, there is quite a lot of promises for you at the other end. However, it is critical to get things right, even before making plans to gain admission.

This guide will reveal the Concordia University acceptance rate, at Montreal Canada. On the other hand, you will be learning a number of things about the admission process.

As a ready student who desires to get started with a number of online applications ( for admission and scholarship opportunities), this guide will help you get started.

About Concordia University of Montreal

The Concordia University is also known in French as, Université Concordia and is a public research university in Canada that is thought in English.

Concordia University is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and was founded in 1974, and is still one of the Universities in Quebec where English is used as the primary language of instruction.

Université Concordia, annually, enrols more than 51,253 students in credit courses in its four existing faculties, school of graduate study, and numerous other colleges and centres and institutes of research.

Concordia University offers 400 graduate and 200 graduate programs and courses, and welcome quite a good number of international students yearly.

Montreal has been ranked the 6th best city in the world, by Time Out Magazine, 2021 and is among the top 10 student cities, according to QS.

Concordia University of Montreal Acceptance Rate

Among top universities in Canada, Concordia University leads in the number of annual admission offers. Concordia University’s acceptance rate staggered between 50% to 81%, based on several studies.

Each of the 27 existing departments at Concordia University has separate admission requirements and the same with its schools and colleges.

Considering the range of admission acceptance rates at Concordia, we are going to be assuming an average acceptance rate of 65%.

What the Concordia University Acceptance rate of 65% implies is that for every 100 applicants, about 65 candidates will gain an offer of admission. This implies that Concordia is one of the easiest schools to get into, in Canada.

A study published by Leverage Edu suggests that the acceptance rate for international students at Concordia University is 20.6% and this is relatively higher than most top schools in Canada.

From the overall projections, it is clear that Concordia University is relatively selective, but has open arms for both domestic and international students to pursue various degrees and research purposes, based on interest and study level.

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Admission to Concordia University

Concordia University welcomes applicants from Canada, the United States and every other part of the world. Students who hail from over 50 countries are offered admission at the institution.

4 Steps to Concordia University Admission

Here are step-by-step methods on how to gain admission at Concordia University, for undergraduate studies, graduate and other research pursuits.

Step 1: Choose a Program

Easy admission is based on several factors at Concordia, however, one of the most important steps to take is to pick the right course to meet the admission criteria. This method applies to both the graduate and undergraduate studies at Concordia.

To start the journey with your Concordia University admission, you must pick from the 400+ courses offered by this school.

For this, students need to visit the official website of the institution and select their level of study to get started.

Step 2: Review the Admission Requirements

Having selected your desired course from the university course list, you need to further your research, by learning about all the admission requirements.

On each of the course description pages, there is a list of basic requirements for admission.

Step 3: Submit Your Application

Once you have all the required documents and information, based on what you are getting from the course page, you can proceed with the online application.

Note: There is a non-refundable application fee of $100 CAD, at Concordia University. To apply for admission at Concordia, you need to agree with the terms of the institution.

This application fee demand of $100 CAD is used in the course of processing and managing the admission facilities that handle all student applications and does not guarantee an offer of admission.

Step 4: Expect Offer of Admission

Once you have applied for admission at Concordia University, you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of applying.

It is critical to understand that admission processes vary from student and program, and there is no specific date for any of these decisions.

To learn more about your already existing application status, students can also check their status from the application portal.

Concordia University Tuition

At Concordia University, the average tuition and fees for most undergraduate studies is estimated as thus: Local tuition is 2,328 CAD, and Domestic tuition is 7,227.6 CAD, from 2017 till date.

However, this range of tuition and fees does not amount to what it actually costs to study at Concordia. To get a more reliable estimation of what you will be needing as an international or domestic student, an estimator is on the website to put you through.

Using Tuition Estimator

Concordia University’s tuition and fee estimator helps you discover what it truly costs to study in this school. This need is owing to the fact that the cost of study at Concordia depends on the program you are choosing, among many other vital factors such as where you are coming from.

The tuition and fee estimator helps you estimate the amount you will need, based on some common factors.

To estimate what it will cost you to study at Concordia University, use this estimator page, and select courses and situations based on your personal preferences.

How much is a semester at Concordia University of Montreal?

US and international students

US students living in residences (i.e., grey hills)
Tuition and mandatory fees (including health)$19,802.10
Books and supplies$2,234.00
Housing (Rent) * $6,277.00

Scholarships and Other Funding at Concordia University

Several scholarships, and internal and external funding opportunities are open to Graduates and undergraduate students coming to Concordia University.

Some of these scholarships are applied automatically during the application, based on academic ranking, and are not limited to:

  • a) Scholarships
  • b) Bursaries
  • c) Awards

To learn more about scholarships suitable for your own application, this Concordia University Scholarship page has all the guides and application information you need to get started.

Other categories of funding options for students in this school include student loans. On the loan funding option at Concordia University, you have the provincial, federal and U.S. loan and bursaries.

These loan options include:

  • 1. Quebec loans & bursaries
  • 2. Federal & provincial loans
  • 3. U.S. loans

For your student loan success, we recommend that you visit the official page of these various opportunities, for the right application instructions and important dates.

Employment and Banking at Concordia University

Student employment at Concordia University, budgeting, banking and credit are part of the special supports that make this institution stand out.

Desire to explore job opportunities available on and off campus? there are quite a number of work-study programs that are simply designed for you.

On the other flip, students will be learning how to prioritize wellness, and plan a budget for a stress-free academic journey.

To get started with the scholarships, jobs, loans and funding options at Concordia, kindly visit this dedicated page for all the vital information you need to get started.

People Also Ask

These frequently asked questions and answers are based on what other aspiring students are asking regarding the Concordia University Acceptance rate, the Concordia tuition, and financial aid such as scholarships, grants and other research-based funding.

It is our school of thought, here at Jobreaders.org, that remaining committed to providing these answers will help you get what you are searching for, regarding admission and life at Concordia University.

Does Concordia University accept international students?

Based on the data presented in several previous studies, over 20% of international students make up the list of entire student data. These facts show that Concordia University accepts international students from various parts of the world.

How long does it take for Concordia University to approve an admission application?

It takes an average of 6 weeks for Concordia University to process and approve your admission application. Kindly Note: Accepting your application is based on when the admission application files are considered complete.

It is also worthy of note that to gain easier admission into Concordia University, your application time should be key as entries are treated based on the first-come principle.

How much is the application fee for Concordia International students?

$100.00 CAD

The flat requirement for application is 100 Canadian Dollars and what this implies is that the application fee for international students at Concordia remains 100% same.

What is the minimum CGPA for Concordia?

In Canada, a minimum of 2.0 GPA is usually required for admission and the same with Concordia University. However getting GPA from 3 to 4.0 or above places your application in a more competitive list of admission consideration.

Additionally, even though GPA plays a a vital role in gaining admission, other conditions could help you land your dream admission here.

It is recommended, however, to choose your courses and also learn about the admission requirements for the faculty or department you intend to delve into.

Is Concordia University Canada easy to get into?

With an admission acceptance rate of up to 70%, it implies that it is relatively easier to get admission into Concordia University. In general, what it implies is that for every 100 student applications for admission, up to 70, or more, will be successful.

How long does it take for Concordia University to approve an admission application?

Officially, it takes from 5 to 7 weeks for Concordia University to conclude the admission decision, after all, the submitted files are considered complete.

It is also critical to note that applications are treated based on first-come, first-served principle. So, the actual time it takes to complete your application processing and arrive at an admission offer will depend on what you apply, for and how complete your application is received. 

Does Concordia require IELTS?

Concordia University requires an IELTS overall band score of 7.0, with no band below 6.5. Another popular English Language test is the Duolingo English Test with a minimum score of 120. This guide is a full list of admission requirements and opportunities for aspiring students.

What is a good GPA for Concordia?

The minimum GPA required at Concordia University will depend on the program and level of study. For instance, it usually depend on 3.3 at Concordia, for graduate programs.

However, each year at the end of May all students are assessed to verify their academic standing,  and all must obtain a minimum 2.0 assessment GPA, to continue their studies.

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