Digital Marketing Fundamentals [Masterclasses]

A quick interactive course that gets you started with a profitable digital marketing career. Learn a digital skill that boosts your CV, get you paying jobs or helps you earn foreign income even without travelling or getting employed.

Join Jobreaders  Digital Marketing Training

Join a 3-week one-on-one practical coaching on the following digital skills in top demand:

  1. Video Making and Animation 
  2. Artificial Intelligence Powered Graphics Designs.
  3. Search Engine Optimization.
  4. Technical Writing.
  5. WordPress Website Development.
  6. Social Media Management and Advertising.

Class Schedules 

Option A: Classes at Jobreaders Cafe hold from Monday to Friday.

Option B: Online Programs are self-paced and fully interactive with your coach.

For more enquiries, kindly forward your email to [email protected] 

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