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To download a Free CV Template, or Résumé Sample or get a suitable copy for your next application, this guide is championing an ease for you.

To win applications such as for jobs, scholarships, grants, political positions and any other official purpose you may need to get your resume or curriculum Vitae ready and suitable for any position you are vying for. 

Studies have proven how a well-written curriculum vitae could distinguish your application from a pool of prospective entries and easily get your employers to consider you for that position. 

However, part of the obvious critical need for a good CV is the fact that it can also help applicants project their work history and career aspirations. 

For the success of your subsequent job and other applications, we are exploring resources online ( free and premium) to help you get a suitable CV ready for the next opportunity. 

Here at Jobreaders.org, we are committed to sharing educative guides and research-backed calls to help you tap into rich opportunities. 

What is a Curriculum Vitae (CV)?

CV is a short form of curriculum vitae, a piece of document that projects a summary of a person’s career, qualifications and educational background. 

So, to write a good CV, the vital elements of this definition must be present. However, this guide is not just targeted at helping you download already-made templates. 

We are including a simpler guide that will help you leverage existing document software, to write various CVs for different opportunities where you are qualified.

What is a Résumé?

Insight from the Collins Dictionary explains a resume as a piece of document that shows a brief account of one’s personal details, education and job history. 

When you are applying for a Job you are often asked to send your resume, and not your CV. History also has it that in some cases, individuals and organizations tend to use CV and resume interchangeably. 

However, depending on what is your own needs, we are providing you with CV templates as well as resume templates. 

Why Must You Learn How to Design Your Own CV?

It is important for a CV to help employers discover applicants’ fitness for the positions they advertise, calling for the need to provide a winning CV for any opportunity you are applying for, and at any time. 

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In the next section of this work, we are expanding everything your CV should contain. 

Proceeding, we will be sharing tips that will help you make the best use of hundreds of templates that you can also use.

How to Write a Good CV

A wider virtual study suggests that a good CV should be around around two to three pages.  It is also important to note that Employers do not have strict specifications for a CV length but we recommend you make the length of your next CV two to three pages.

Two to three pages of your CV is suggested to be enough to help your hiring manager grasp your experience for the position you are vying for. 

Taking the definition of curriculum vitae into account, your CV should contain the following important information about you:

  1. Contact information.
  2. Academic history.
  3. Professional experience.
  4. Qualifications and skills.
  5. Awards and honours.
  6. Publications.
  7. Professional associations.
  8. Grants and fellowship.
  9. Licenses and certificates.
  10. Volunteer work.
  11. Hobbies and interests (optional).

To reiterate the importance of a good CV, some organisations provide templates for every applicant for their consideration. 

In some cases, applicants are mandated to use the special CV guidelines before submitting their applications. 

To learn practical ways you can write your subsequent CV from scratch, this practical guide will help you get started.

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How to Download CV Template 

Create and download an outstanding CV with simple steps, starting from filling out your information. 

Choose from over 120, 373 CV templates from one of our top CV builders.  To get started, kindly tap this link to start editing and downloading from a myriad of CV samples and templates. 

These CV templates cover careers from over 237 disciplines; they are editable and ease of download is epic. 

How to Download Résumé Template 

From a list of over 121,998 templates and Résumé samples, you can start editing and downloading yours. 

Canva provides you with a free and premium portal to browse, edit and download high-quality resume templates for your next job application. 

To get started, kindly visit this special page for inspiring Résumé templates and samples. 


Are you getting ready for the next job application? You will need a simple résumé template. 

Secondly, if you are applying for scholarships, grants, political positions and other career opportunities ( including jobs), you may be in need of a well-written CV. 

Hopefully, this guide provides you with every need you may have about these documents. 

In the subsequent sections, we will be addressing a number of frequently asked questions about CV and Résumé samples and templates. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

From Free CV templates, premium services and résumé samples, there are quite a number of what other users want to know. 

It is customary with us here at Jobreaders.org, to include necessary guides that will ensure your success. 

Below are questions and answers from users, applicants, our correspondents and other experts around the world:

Do I need a CV to Apply for Scholarships?

Yes, most scholarship bodies ( based on our experience via our scholarship department), require your CV to even get started. 

Part of the goals of this guide, however, is to help you craft a suitable scholarship-friendly CV for the next opportunities. 

Note: You may also need to include ‘scholarship CV’ as a keyphrase as you search through hundreds of CV samples through the official links we include in this guide. 

Do I need a CV or Résumé?

You either need a CV or a Résumé depending on the requirement for your application. While a Résumé is usually a one-page document that summarizes your work experience and background. 

A CV is a longer piece of a document ( usually 2 to 3 pages that provide insight into your experience, certificates, publications and other information as we put in this guide. 

So, which of the CVs or Résumé you will need will depend on what your recruiter or organization demands for your application. 

However, it is important to grasp the distinction between the two documents. Candidates who desire to learn more about the similarities and differences can also make the best use of Novo Resume publication on CV/Resume differences. 

What are the CV Formats?

Formats ( as it is used in this context) are the type of finished work of your CV.  In this case, candidates are advised to publish their CVs in any of the readable formats below:

  1. PDF CV format
  2. PSD CV download format
  3. DOC CV format

The most popular among the document formats are PDF and DOC. Irrespective of the CV software of the platform, you will have the option to download your CV in any of the formats. 

Also, there are other meanings to the term format as regards CV writing. Such examples include but are not limited to the following: 

  1. Reverse-chronological CV format.
  2. Functional CV format.
  3. Combination CV format.

Each of the CV formats has its advantages and disadvantages. On this note, jobinfo has a publication that addresses these key differences that you can read. 

What is the best CV format? 

Based on the study cited in this work, the reverse-chronological CV format is the best,  leading to the number of adopters and successful users. 

The reverse-chronological CV format is seen as the best option for candidates in that it most recruiters and hiring managers are most familiar with it. 

This CV format and writing method help you list your most recent work experiences on top of the experience section. 

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