Flitaa App Review: Trading and Earning Extra Crypto with Flitaa App

With Flitaa App one can buy, sell and exchange Cryptocurrency, NFTs and lots more and this Flitaa App review is designed to help you take the new huge advantages.

To begin with, Flitaa App also gives you the opportunity to earn extra income through its referral programs and by the end of this guide, you will surely smile to your wallets.

Hi there! I’m sure that by now, you must have heard about cryptocurrency and the entire buzz around it.

Simply put, cryptocurrency is a digital currency in which transactions are verified by records kept by a decentralized system using cryptography rather than a centralized economy.

This means that, as opposed to fiat currency, which is controlled by the Central Banks of Nations, it is online money that is coordinated by a number of mathematical equations and secure technological backings spread across a wide range of computers via a decentralized system.

Flitta App Reviews is, however, to help you understand the features of the platform – and how you can buy, trade or earn extra income using their referral program. You can also check out a number of other great alternatives in respect to treading here.

What is Flitaa?

Flitaa is an app created by Flitaa base, a fintech company founded in 2020 to help Africans buy and sell crypto. As a Nigerian, I can tell that we have been left behind in the cryptocurrency Game.

This is due to many factors that I won’t be going into in this post. However, Flitaa is here to bridge many gaps as it concerns Nigeria and our ease of access to cryptocurrencies.

With as low as N500, you can buy cryptocurrency on this platform; and Flitaa makes it simple to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, and when you want to withdraw money, it is transferred directly to your bank account.

Why Choose Flitaa?

Flitaa has become an obvious alternative to Luno Trading App. The UI/UX of the app is so simple and intuitive. With this App, one can trade from any part of the world.

The simplicity and smoothness of the interfaces compared with several other trading platforms is quite obvious and we look at the team’s effort to assist users from countries like Nigeria where Crytocurency is banned.

Below are some reasons why I feel Flitaa App is the go-to app for buying and selling crypto:

Flitaa Has One Of The Fastest Peer -to- Peer Experiences.

Peer to peer refers to the direct exchange of some asset such as digital currency between two parties without the involvement of a central authority.

Flitaa shines in this aspect as it has one the best peer-to-peer experience of any fintech or crypto wallet released so far in Nigeria.

Flitaa Has The Best Rates On All Transactions.

When it comes to crypto wallets; there are certain rates that are charged on each transaction, ranging from N10 to N100 as the case may be. Flitaa has the lowest transaction rate so far in any crypto wallet. And this is the best rate for any fintech app transaction.

Deposit Money into Your Wallet with Zero Charges

 When you send money to your Flitaa wallet, there are no charges; this is because of the zero charges policy that makes all the deposits made into the Flitaa wallet free of charge.

Buy Any Crypto of Your Choice with a Minimum of N500

 Flitaa has made buying cryptocurrencies easy in Nigeria. Straight from the app, you can buy and own cryptocurrency tokens and coins with as little as N500.

When you withdraw from Flitaa, you will be credited within minutes.

When you transfer money from your Flitaa wallet to your bank account, it is credited to your account within minutes. This is one of the quickest for any crypto wallet in Nigeria.

You Can Earn for Life

With Flitaa, you can earn for life. When you refer someone, in addition to the commission you receive for that referral, you also receive 0.5 per cent for life on all transactions carried out by that person you referred.

You Get the Fastest and Best Customer Service

 If you have any issues concerning the app, Flitaa has one of the fastest and most responsive customer care. They will provide answers to all your questions and resolve your issues in minutes.

There Are Multiple Ways to Earn From the App

 We spoke of how you could earn for life on the app, but there’s another way to earn $30 weekly and $100 monthly. You can earn this when you participate in Flitaa weekly or monthly referrer campaign. You can also buy and sell crypto for gains.

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How to Register With Flitaa

First, you need to download the App using this Link.

Upon successful download, you need to fill in the required spaces (first and last name, email, passwords, and phone number)

Now hit the ‘continue button

Verify email (a four-digit code will be sent to the newly registered email address), and you’ll be on the dashboard like this.

You will receive a personalized welcome email sent to your registered email.

How to Verify Your Flitaa Account to Increase Transaction Limits

There are three steps in Flitaa account wallet verification, and they are-

Phone number (1st Verification)

Account details (2nd Verification)

Valid ID (3rd Verification)

Now, to verify your Flitaa account, you first need to go to your dashboard, tap on the profile icon, and then tap on ‘increase limits’, then follow each prompt in the verification process until you get a notification that you’ve successfully verified your account.

(If your payment has not been approved after 30 minutes, tap the ‘appeal’ button to chat with a customer representative right away.)

you can also start making money with the affiliate marketing feature of this useful app

How to Make Deposit into Your Flitaa Wallet

After successful account verification, you will now be able to deposit naira into your flitaa wallet to buy crypto. To do this, follow the next steps accordingly.

  1. Tap on the deposit icon.
  2. Tap on cash deposit. (NGN).
  3. Input the amount of money you want to send (you can make a single deposit of between N1000 – N1, 000,000).
  4. Now select a verified flitaa merchant from the list given to you and make your deposit.
  5. Your screen will show a transaction successful receipt.
  6. Wait 5 – 10 minutes after payment is effective for the payment to be successful.

application (If your payment has not been approved after 30 minutes, tap the ‘appeal’ button to instantly chat with a customer representative.)

How to Buy Crypto on the App

Following the approval of your payments into your Flitaa wallet, you can now proceed to the next few steps to buy crypto directly from the Flitaa application.

  1. Go to the account dashboard
  2. Select from the available crypto wallets
  3. Now, tap on the buy button below
  4. Tap on the arrow down icon and select NGN
  5. Tap on the confirm buy button to purchase

Congratulations you’ve just bought crypto in Nigeria with Nigerian currency.

Earning With Flitaa

When you’ve successfully verified your account, you can generate a referral link that you can use to invite your friends to download and use the app.

When you invite someone to join Flitaa, you earn a commission for inviting them, and then 0.5% of each transaction they make.

To generate your referral link, click on the profile, and then select refer. you can as well check out a list of other apps and various ways you can save, earn or even discover new features and technologies.

Please Note: If you intend to refer your friends and family, to Make Money using Flitta via the Flitaa Affiliate Program, then here are some of the things you must do:

How to participate and win either $30 weekly or $100 Monthly on the Flitaa refer and earn campaign program.

Firstly, You need to visit this link to download the App.

Register and fill in details correctly.

Now verify your account up to LVL 2. (Bank account, Phone number.)

Do you want to get started? Then you need to proceed with the guides above on how to register and verify your Flitaa Account in just less than 2 Minutes.


Having used this app, we agree that Flitaa is an excellent app for buying and selling cryptocurrency. We also believe that the guide on the use of the app has justified our efforts with this Flitaa App review and know you can get started with ease.

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