How to be Shortlisted for Scholarships (Awards) without Rejection

We have a few guides that will help smart candidates quickly be shortlisted for scholarships, without usual denials.

We share this post as a guide for study opportunities meant for African students, but with a closer look, scholarship awards also take some similar shapes.

Just recently, the United States of America updated its travel and Visa ban in most countries. Same has happened in many other countries bu it only makes excellent scholarship opportunities to scale trough the odds.

Landing great scholarship opportunities in competitive grounds may not be as simple as it is always, but with these tips, you will stand out in your next application:

How Can I be Shortlisted for Scholarships in 2021? 

The question of how to be shortlisted for Scholarships was one of the puzzles that eluded me when I recently gained admission to study at a Federal University of Technology (Nigeria).

Most of my classmates, too, saw the hustle as one of those scams that seniors utilize in classrooms while preaching their politics and winning our girls.

But lately, did I realize that I was wasting my time and running away from opportunities that were meant for my success. 

I purposely want to ignore the stories of my academic mentors who studied (Masters) under the Chevening Scholarship schemes and never remained products of the third world in their theoretical lifetimes.

In the year 2012(that was a year later), we started seeing updates about shortlisted candidates for Scholarships.

But this time, we were no longer in 100 level (year one) and have lost all the opportunities to apply for scholarships as fresher men and women.

Of course, that was not the end of the road because we still had opportunities to apply for scholarships in 200 levels, but then you should imagine how competitive that would have been at that time.

To be shortlisted for Scholarships in the first years in most African Universities is because they are not very competitive.

In higher levels, Scholarships are applied and gained based on how rich one’s CGPA is.

And apart from these criteria, candidates are still asked to sit for examinations, from where the Scholarship board will make their final suggestions.

Fast forward to when one of my brothers finally secured an MTN Scholarship in 2013.

It was, indeed, a great feeling. Then I was already entering the 300 level, and this time, there was a balance.

And as a family, the first payment helped me scale through the odds in school. Just imagine how a scholarship offered to one person could beautify our campus experience and studied without debt.

One can apply for scholarships and stand high chances of being shortlisted for awards in 2021. But as a serious candidate, there is one thing required of you.

To be shortlisted for a scholarship award, you need to arm your mind with a lot of principles and follow each tip with seriousness. Each month of the year counts, and we advise students to make the best out of them all.

Here, the subsequent selections of this article will help you learn what and how to apply and be shortlisted for a scholarship offer this year.

How to be Shortlisted for a scholarship in 2021

Just as you must have understood, from the Scopes and intentions of this article, we are committed to ensuring that one of these boards select you this year, which Universities and governments that offer Scholarships to both Local and international students.

It does not matter the discipline, the country, or language. Follow these rules and get shortlisted for Scholarships without any atom of delay.

Learn More about Scholarship Opportunities

It is a fact that 70% of all scholarship applicants fail to make it to the first list while shortlisting begins.


This higher rate failure to secure scholarships is, primarily, because students do not invest their time in the scholarship details before proceeding with the application.

Although most of the online form for the scholarship is free, we expect students to study procedures and requirements.

This habit of proper studies of programs is direct enablement for guided actions towards opportunities.

The rule above is a golden rule for any student who truly wants to apply for and be shortlisted for Scholarships in 2021.

Stick to the Deadline

Do not apply for a scholarship, just hours to the deadline. Go for the entry and every necessary documentation weeks before the application deadline.

In order words, to be Shortlisted for Scholarships, one should apply on time. Based on this notion, students bare to learn a few tricks about the Scholarship schemes and how their boards make their selections.

Most of the Scholarship Opportunities for Africans and other students from developing countries seek academically vibrant students, not candidates who do not take instructions seriously.

Having a great result is impressive, but being mentally alert to utilize potentials is critical. To be Shortlisted for Scholarships, candidates are required to apply for opportunities as soon as portals reopen for the following reasons:

1. Most scholarship portals consider the date of each entry. And as soon as the required number of candidates reaches, the rest might end up not considered at all.

2. In as much as the insinuation above may not be true, you need to be on the safest side of the whole process.

What this implies is that your eligibility for Scholarship positions matter as much as the time you considered the application.

How do I know when the Scholarship application is ongoing?

If you want to know when the Scholarship application is ongoing, you need to know all the scholarship schemes in the world.

To do this is practically impossible, and that is why we created this platform to keep you updated.

To utilize this website in knowing when Scholarship opportunities to call, you need to use the subscription box below this article to subscribe to your emails.

This email will help us inform you when the Scholarship opportunity portal is open for your submission.

How to apply for 2021 Scholarships from any Country

To apply for scholarships, one needs to identify with any of the levels of studies that have most scholarship attention from Institutions and foundations around the world. Students are either applying for:

These are the most recognized study levels that attract scholarship opportunities from everywhere in the world.

Candidates from all over the world are also encouraged to begin their free online application for relevant scholarship consideration.How to be Shortlisted for Scholarships Awards without Rejection

5 Things that prevent you from being Shortlisted for Scholarships 

You must have applied for several scholarship opportunities you had come across on the internet. Similar to other users of this website, you may have complained that after enrolling for a specific scholarship scheme, you do not get any form of feedback from the board. 

You are not alone. And we are here to ensure you do not get rejected after applying for any of these scholarship opportunities again. 

  1. Wrong Document Size 
  2. Multiple Applications 
  3. Falsification of Documents 
  4. Ineligibility 
  5. Late Application 

These are several factors that have always undermined your struggles to be considered by scholarship teams.

But we believe that once you learn to put these factors in order, you will be shortlisted for scholarships, like never before.

But it will be interesting to shed more light on these factors that have prevented you from being shortlisted for awards.

Wrong Document Size for Scholarship Applications 

The websites designed to accept data from thousands of students have their limitations.

The scholarship organizations also have limited bandwidths to be utilized for scholarship resources, and that is why there is time for application, deadline, and time for the web section.

All these periods give time for each other to ensure that the websites can process the application files.

Some scholarship websites demand that all the application documents (including passport photographs, local government identification, means of identification, school ID card, Acceptance letter, scholarship essay, etc.) must be submitted as a single file.

At the same time, some prefer digitally transmitted data such as in PDF, JPEG, or Doc files that are not more than 20MB at most.

These data collection methods are measures to avoid overloading the server of the website, and applying with documents more than these prevents your entry from being counted, thereby denying you the chances of being shortlisted for the scholarships administered.

Multiple Applications during Scholarship Applications 

Nothing can stop you from being shortlisted for scholarships in 2020, like numerous applications. This year is a new decade, and systems are getting smarter like never before.

These upgrades and more in-depth utilization of technology (intelligent web applications), calls for critical adherence to the regulations of web bodies.

So far, most top scholarships conduct their selections online; candidates are always encouraged not to indulge in activities that tend to outsmart the system as it automatically leads to disqualification of users without delays.

Gone are the days when students apply for one scholarship several times to increase their chances of being shortlisted for interviews.

The systems are now automated to fish out the best candidates using some set of machine instincts ( which works based on the means of identifications assigned to the programs) suing the names, documents, phones, emails, and other means of IDS that candidates submit to their websites.

So, to be shortlisted for scholarships in 2021, avoid multiple applications. 

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