Grow With Google Audacity Scholarship 2021 [Updated]

Google with Udacity Scholarship 2021 is one of the rare opportunities that call for early application as a qualified and eligible candidate. You cannot afford to seat on opportunities that are designed to transform your career and help you reach prime goals in 2021.

We also advise you to follow our search and access the List of Google Scholarships in 2021. Over 100,000 students around the world are currently anticipating a number of unreleased scholarships from the tech giant.

Google Audacity Scholarship has been declared open as a new scholarship program that is capable of giving a standard learning opportunity to 50,000 individuals within America, Africa, and India.

Google C.E.O Sundar Pichai has early related information about the scholarship to the general public in one of his press event. The scholarship is in two stages.

Audacity and Google are dedicated to helping students to acquire knowledge and important skills that will help them to be successful in the world recent economy.

Gone are the days when technical skills only apply in technology, the emphasis has also shifted to industry. Before we continue it will be nice if we look into the two organizations that are sponsoring the scholarship program.

One among the list of these opportunities by Google is the Google Conference and Travel Scholarships 2021 that we also recommend you access before the end of this year. However, this depends on the time you are accessing this information.

List of other Google Scholarships

The Grow with Google Udacity Scholarship is not the only yearly scholarship rolled out by the highly ranked technology company. The list below has all other scholarships that is made by available by the brand.

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Audacity is an online learning platform that was founded by Sebastian Thrun, the organization has been known to offer some university styled courses for free.

Currently, they have more than 160,000 students from 190 countries enrolled. Udacity offers learners the opportunity to contribute and participate in some of the most exciting and innovative fields in the world.


Google is an American technology company that deals in internet services and products, the company was founded by Larry Page and Sergei Brin during their PhD program at California University.

The services they render includes online advertising platform, search engine, cloud computing, hardware, and software.

The company is being rated with Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft which are known as the Big four technological company. Google has been known for offering scholarships both for U.S citizens and foreigners.

The Two Categories of The Scholarship

Stage One: Challenge Scholarship

In this stage, you will be giving three months of access to one of four Udacity courses which are HTML basic + CSS, Android Basics, Offline Web Application, and Android Developers.

The students going for this particular course will get a hearty general understanding assisted by audacity tutors and community managers with the opportunity to qualify for the next stage which is the Nano-Degree program.

Stage Two: The Nano Degree Program

In the Nanodegree scholarship program, the best 5,000 students will qualify for a six months degree in one of the four Nano Degree courses which are Mobile Web Specialist, Front End Web Developer, Android Basics and Android Developer.

In Audacity Google scholarship program some of the exciting experiences you will get include a standard curriculum, captivating classroom experiences, industry-leading instructor, professional project review, etc.


The scholarship is open to every individual ranging from those who don’t know anything about writing code to the experts in code writing. The scholarships target on software development for Android and website.


The scholarship is organized by Audacity and Google


The scholarship is open to individuals from America, Africa, and India origins only.

Students who wish to apply for Audacity Google scholarship must be 18 years of age or older and must be a U.S resident. If you meet with these criteria the next thing is to select a career path that is Web Developer and Android Developer. When you have been accepted you will be fixed in one of two tracks which may depend on your prior knowledge and skills in technology

When the class must have started fully the top students from each track will be giving a full scholarship in one of the NanoDegree programs that are Android or Web Development programs.


The application is a simple one that can’t take up to twenty minutes to complete. The application is not in two forms, but a single one irrespective of your knowledge location and skills this implies that the same application forms serve for everybody and no two methods of application.

Having stated earlier on how easy it is to apply you can just visit the link directly from here For applicants from African countries, follow the guides here:

In this scholarship program, there are two categories or learning path which are Android developer and Web Developer

Web Developers– In web Developers you have up 25,000 seats available and upon your acceptance, you will be fixed in one of the two tracks in web development path. The tracks are 

The Beginner– The Beginners track is made up of 15,000 seats and in this track, no programming experience is required, you will be given three months’ access to intro to HTML+CSS with assistance from audacity mentors. You will also design and build stunning and engaging websites

The best 1,500 students in the beginner’s track will be giving the scholarship to move to the next scholarship category which is Nanodegree program where they will start learning Front End Web Development.

The Intermediate– The picture above explains a little about the programs of the intermediate track, in this track your required to have some programming experience and you will learn things like-

Three months of access to Offline Web Application with the assistance from Audacity tutors 

Build Next-generation and interactive Web Applications and grow as a web builder. 

Top 1,000 students from the intermediate track will be awarded a scholarship to mobile web specialist Nano degree program, where you will learn how to build elegant mobile web applications

Things You Must Know And Do If You Want To Succeed In This Scholarship Program

The first thing you do is to see the environment as your normal school environment where you go to acquire knowledge, remove every form of anxiety in you.

When there is an atom of anxiety within an individual so many things set in such forgetting the things you already know and such might trigger failure.

Fear may also come in when you don’t see the things you are expected to see from the initial time if such happens please try your possible best to adapt to the situation like environment, lecture method, and so on.

Most times you see people that you think they know more than you, please don’t be afraid of them just be focused.

Another thing is hard work, it is well known that the secret behind every success is hard work upon starting your program, you are expected to gather and work on all your necessary materials such as video clips, projects review, your quizzes.

You also have to know the scholarship selection process, that is the things you will do to stand a better chance of coming top in the scholarship program and it is no other thing other than the things you have already known which are attempt all questions, do your work perfect, be part of the forum, and contribute positively.


Audacity Google scholarship program has transformed so many lives at time past and here is it again for you to take the advantage and move to the next level in the technology world. Grab the opportunity and build your career.

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