9 Top Google Scholarships and Internships (Worth $10,000)

Discover the full list of Google Scholarships with official application dates and guides for students and skilled persons, around the world.

These Google Scholarship programs come in shapes and sized, based on the need and what each of the scholarships stands to achieve. To help you prepare and stand better chances of being fully or partly funded by Google, we are providing you with this list of scholarships and how you can get started.

Google LLC is an American multinational technology company with a proven focus on artificial intelligence, online advertising, search engine technology, and cloud computing, to mention a few.

One of the most popular products of Google LLC is the Google search engine which has become a global household name. Annually, Google releases updates on various scholarships, ranging from Generation Google Scholarships, apprenticeship funding and its $6,000+ worth of internship programs for students and graduates across several countries in the world.

Google Scholarships with Internships

Here is a comprehensive list of Google Scholarships, and how you can get started with a free online application:

Generation Google Scholarship

The Generation Google Scholarship is one of the most popular Google scholarships for students in the United States Canada, the Asian Pacific and a number of other regions where the funding program is tenable.

Unlike other Google programs, the Generation Google Scholarship is designed to financially and academically assist students who intend or are already pursuing different tech-related degrees.

Thousand of students coming from Europe, the Middle East and Africa) who desire to become leaders in technology – may be eligible for this scholarship.

On a yearly basis, Google strongly encourages students from eligible countries to apply for the Google Generation scholarship. This is one of the international programmes that champion the course of raising young leaders in several technological and innovative fields.

In the United States, Google awards up to $10,000 in annual academic funds to students who qualify for this scheme.

Depending on the time you come across this guide, the application deadline for the season has been made public, and you can get started.

There are three (3) regions under the Generation Google Scholarship:

  1. Generation Google Scholarship (North America)
  2. Generation Google Scholarship (APAC)
  3. Generation Google Scholarship (EMEA)

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Conference and Travel Scholarships by Google

The Google Conference and Travel Scholarship is for international students and is one of Google’s oldest forms of funding for learners.

Conference and travel scholarships by Google are open for participants around the world as a bridge to what prevents the world from attending international events.

This design of this nature of Google Scholarship is to curb hindrances and help participants in various learning around technology and evolving innovations.

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Next is this list of Google Scholarships and career opportunities in the Internship programs. These programs are open for students and graduates in a wide range of academic fields.

Student/Graduate Internships

From Google STEP to other regular programs, student and other categories of employee review show that interns earn as much as $3,300 in stipends and other career benefits at Google.

The Google internship program for undergraduates, masters and other student categories are vast and choosing from this pool of career options can be daunting.

In light of our objectives to help you tap into global career opportunities, we have prepared a comprehensive list of internship programs to choose from.

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Top Google Internship Programs

Here is a summary of available Google internship opportunities for students, graduates and skilled workers:

  • Associate Product Manager Internship (Global)
  • Infrastructure Technology Apprentice
  • Information Technology Intern
  • STEP Internship (Student Training in Engineering Program)
  • Software Engineering Internship
  • Google France Apprenticeship (Paris)
  • Higher Level Degree Apprenticeship (London)
  • Application Development Apprenticeship (Zurich)
  • Dublin Software Development Apprenticeship (Dublin)
  • Software Development Apprenticeship (London)
  • Legal Internship (North America)
  • Business Intern, Veteran
  • Digital Marketing Apprenticeship (London)
  • bold internship
  • Business Internship
  • MBA Internship

Note: Interns are paid at Google and intern-powered stats at Indeed show that in the United States, Google interns earn as much as approximately $33.57 per hour. This figure is way above the national average and is coming from past and present employees, users and job placements over 36 months.

Venkat Panchapakesa Memorial Scholarship 

In the light of this list, Google Scholarships for International Students, the Venkat Panchapakesa Memorial Scholarship is one of the most recognized schemes for students from India.

In honour of Venkat Panchapakesa’s memory, Google awards scholarships to thousands of students from India. Students who are eligible for the Venkat Panchapakesa are the students who demonstrate commitment, and passion and who are willing to use computer science in advancing the course of life.

The Venkat Panchapakesa Google Scholarship does not restrict its offers to computer science alone but across other technology-driven fields and courses.

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Google Limelight Scholarship

As part of Google’s commitment to quality education and easy life for all, they are partnering with Lime Connect, a nonprofit organization that supports students with disabilities while they pursue education and promising careers.

This funding effort is with the primary goal to help university students with disabilities work toward their academic goals in the field of computer science

Google Limelight Scholarship is open for students from their undergraduate to PhD level ( all eligible). This scholarship is also open to students who are studying in Canada and in the United States in fields such as computer science, computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering and other tech fields.

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Google Student Veterans of America Scholarship

The Google Student Veterans of America Scholarship is among the top 10 Google Scholarships for American students in this category.

The worth of this scholarship is around $10,000 (ten Thousand Dollars per head), which came from Google’s partnership with Veterans of America, to offer student veterans funds for their studies in computer evidence and related fields ( in Universities).

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Google for Education

Under Google for education, there are 7 prominent scholarship programs and while some are also part of the Build Your Life with Google, some are not.

These scholarships are:

  • a) Google Lime Scholarship
  • b) Google SVA Scholarship
  • c) Venkat Panchapakesam Memorial Scholarship
  • d) Google Generation Scholarship
  • e) Google Europe Scholarship for Students with Disabilities
  • f) Women Techmakers Scholars

NB: To learn more about these scholarships or get started with the online application, kindly visit the Google for Education Page for current school year programs.

Summary of Google Scholarships

Students and graduates from different countries and regions in the world do have a place at Google and these scholarship programs are not limited to a single discipline.

Google scholarships are designed to achieve well-defined goals, just as most of the opportunities we review in this platform are, and aspiring candidates are to learn these important aims before submitting the application.

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