How to Get Admissions into Helwan University: Programs and scholarships

Be equipped with necessary information on How to Get Admission into Helwan University and also the programs and scholarship awards administered in Helwan University, Egypt.

The University is committed to ensuring that its students have the good skills and practical knowledge they need to be relevant and eventually contribute to the growth of the country.

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The university is engaged in research and the discovery and distribution of information within its immediate setting is also involved. 

The university is a co-educational institution that runs an academic calendar every semester.

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About Helwan University

Helwan University, founded in the mid-1970s, is a full-time university. The university is a publicly funded and controlled Egyptian-focused university based in Cairo, Egypt. 

The university is one of the old universities of the nation and certainly one of its leading universities, dedicated to providing affordable tuition in the nation of Egypt with access to quality education. 

The institution has a very large population of students and employees that is very diverse based on many factors and also has a strong ratio of students to employees because there are several employees available to fulfill the academic requirements of students. 

Currently, Helwan University is not synonymous with religion or tradition and welcomes both local and international students to its culturally inclusive community. 

Admissions, however, are very competitive and there are many ways to apply for a few slots. 

In science and social sciences, the university offers full-time undergraduate academic degree programs. 

facilities in the university

It also provides good facilities for her students to make her campus conducive for learning. The laboratories are well furnished, the classrooms are well fitted, etc.

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Furthermore, the university tuition varies between programs and goes for around 20,000 Egyptian pounds, but it provides her students with some sort of scholarships or financial assistance. 

Helwan University has all the variables of differentiation and diversity and is a university of technology and applications.

Among Egyptian universities, it is considered a unique model as it comprises the Faculties of Humanities, Fine Arts, Applied Arts, Art Education, Music Education, and Physical Education. 

Helwan University is considered a unique model among Egyptian universities in general, being within the center of an industrial society. 

It is made up of 21 faculties, 50 research centers, and active units that relate the university to the problems of Egyptian society.

By providing its international program, Helwan University is solving the issue of cost. 

Supported education is available to assist high potential candidates in their undergraduate and postgraduate studies of any nationality (Non-Egypt) by covering some of their study expenses.


The university’s main campus is in Ain Helwan, Cairo. There have been several faculties relocated, while others are still based in Zamalek, Boulaq, Giza, El Manyal, and El-Matarya. 

Helwan City is situated on the East Bank of the Nile, about 30 km south of Cairo, between the hills of El Mokattam and the narrow Nile Valley. Helwan is one of Egypt’s largest manufacturing centers. 

It includes several factories, including Cement National Company, Portland Cement Company, and Nasr for Cars, Helwan Seismoscope, and MEFCO for Wooden Furniture. 

As it has some springs which contain a large amount of therapeutic sulfur, Helwan City is a natural health resort.

Some conditions such as rheumatism, skin, and liver diseases may be treated by them.

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Why at Helwan University? 

The university will provide the aspirants with a fantastic career development center along with excellent facilities for them in their studies.

It offers students full encouragement to get to where they want to go in life.

The university’s composition. 

One of the biggest universities that educate more than 45,000 students at Helwan University.

Both local and international students are admitted by the university. More than 5 thousand experts make up the academic staff.

Students and academic staff will also engage in foreign exchange programs at the university. 

Campus Facilities

In addition to student accommodation, the campus has an excellent range of amenities, including restaurants, a sports hall, bookshops, a central library, a shopping center, and an art exhibition hall. 

Helping to build the future of Egypt.

Helwan University has expanded to enormous proportions within a university campus that includes various university buildings designed according to the latest architectural models and supplied with all the educational process needs within a short period.

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In addition, it has an impressive array of highly productive team members and administrative bodies, students who are distinguished in ethics and experience as they conduct diverse cultural, sports, and social activities.

The institution continues to works hand in hand to lift the level of the Egyptian culture, and to achieve the hopes and aspirations of the Egyptians, retain pride and dignity, realize welfare and prosperity.

Helwan University Infrastructure. 

The campus is home to a library. Students can live on campus if a dormitory room is needed.

The university is part of the Federation of Islamic World Universities (FUIW).

Application process and tuition costs. 

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The applicant must apply for a certificate of prior academic success in addition to the results of the exams. 

As the competition is fairly mild-90 seats per 100 applicants-it is not that hard to get admitted into the university. 

The academic year is split into semesters. The cost of tuition is around 12,500 USD a year for the bachelor’s programs. 

When it comes to earning a master’s degree, Helwan University is considered to be an expensive choice-12,500 USD per year of study respectively. 

The university also encourages students to enroll in scholarship schemes, which may decrease the cost of their tuition significantly.

Faculties of Helwan University

Helwan University also has a variety of faculties, such as the Faculty of Music Education, Faculty of Physical Education, with a particular creative style. 

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It also contains 13 other campuses, four of which are outside the main campus, which are as follows:                                      

  • Faculty of BIS ( Business Information systems )& Faculty of FMI ( Financial Markets & institutions ) at ZamalekFaculty of Engineering, Matareya at Ain Shams, Cairo.
  • Faculty of Fine Arts at Zamalek district.

The campus, however, also hosts a joint Master’s Program, called INEMA (International Education Management), between Germany and Egypt. 

The Master’s program comprises six stages, three of which take place at the Zamalek Campus in Cairo, and three at the Pädagogische Hochschule in Ludwigsburg, Germany. In 2010, the shared Master’s program was first created.

Helwan University International Students Programme in Egypt 2021

The International Bureau of Helwan University (ISB) was launched in 2012 to discuss both undergraduate and postgraduate students from all academic backgrounds.

Throughout their stay in Egypt, ISB provides support to international students and helps them integrate and merge with the global academic climate.

Helwan University is pleased to receive any inquiries at the fourth-floor office in the administration building (the University President’s Headquarters) on the HU campus. 

HU also tackles the cost problem by offering its foreign program Supported education is available to support high potential candidates of any nationality (Non-Egypt) in their undergraduate and postgraduate studies by covering some of their study costs.

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  • Eligible Countries: Candidates from Africa (Nile-Basin & Sub-Saharan Countries), East-Asia, South-Asia, South-East-Asia, Central-Asia, and Latin America are eligible.
  • Acceptable Course or Subjects: Students can apply for an undergraduate or a postgraduate degree program at the university.
  • Admissible Criteria: Must not hold any other award from any other university in Egypt.

How to Apply

  • How to apply: To be eligible for this award, you need to be admitted to a university undergraduate or postgraduate degree course. After that, the application form can be downloaded and submitted to [email protected].
  •  Supporting Documents: Participants should prepare a PDF file containing a letter of inspiration, a letter outlining the reasons why you should be chosen for this grant, scans of your diplomas and transcripts of academic records, a translation scan of your diploma and official transcripts; a CV proof of English proficiency certificate and a CV proof of English proficiency certificate if your documents are not in English or Arabic; The application form should be attached to this file.
  •  Admission Requirements: A high school diploma for an undergraduate degree program and an undergraduate degree for a postgraduate program. 
  •  Language Requirement: To demonstrate English language ability, the TOEFL or IELTS test is mandatory.

Benefits: The educational award will only cover the tuition fee for any of the courses.

Helwan University Scholarships

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Students outside of the country where the university is based are given international scholarships, fellowships, or grants. 

These are often referred to as financial assistance and are mostly dealt with by the Helwan University Financial Aid Office. 

Scholarships from Helwan University are offered respectively by Helwan University to study or research there.

There are numerous scholarships from Helwan University and internships for foreign students. 

There are several other organizations, apart from university-based scholarships, including foundations, trusts, companies, etc. 

Who offer foreign students scholarships. To aid, we list the latest information on foreign scholarships, fellowships, and grants. 

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The application form for the Helwan University scholarships is also available for online grant applications.

Accurate links for Helwan University scholarships:

These Helwan University scholarships can be taken for different levels of degree, as you see.

Explore Helwan University courses/degree programs offered for bachelor’s courses at Helwan University (also known as undergraduate courses at Helwan University).

Helwan University Masters courses, and even Ph.D. courses or research programs at Helwan University.

  • Apply for Helwan University education loan
  • Send your application documents to Helwan University using the DHL student offer
  • Discuss Helwan University scholarships with the global student community

Below is the list of top Helwan University scholarships for International students:

1. IAL Research Grants For Doctoral Studies

IAL Research Grants for Graduate Studies is an International Full Funding Scholarship provided to international students by the Institute for Adult Learning (IAL). Students eligible for this scholarship are: Available to Singaporean citizens 

This Ph.D. grant may be awarded for research related to the Continuing Education and Training (CET) field of Singapore. 31 May is the deadline to apply applications for IAL Doctoral Studies Research Grants.

The value of the grant, including tuition + monthly stipend, is $100,000. This scholarship can be received in Singapore or abroad.

Official Website

2. HKADC Overseas Arts Administration Scholarships

The HKADC Overseas Arts Administration Scholarship is a full-funded international scholarship given to international students by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (ADC).

Students who are eligible for this grant are: available to foreign applicants 

It is possible to take this Masters’s scholarship to pursue project management, arts policy & administration, curating, marketing & communication, study & review, creation & entrepreneurship in art.

The period for submitting applications for the HKADC Overseas Arts Administration Scholarships varies.

The value of the grant is up to HK$450,000 for each scholarship. You should take this scholarship overseas (anywhere but in Hong Kong).

Official Website

3. POGO-SCOR Visiting Fellowships For Developing Countries, 2021

The 2021 POGO-SCOR Visiting Fellowships for Developing Countries is a Partial Funding International Scholarship given to international students by the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR). Students eligible for this scholarship are: Open to countries selected 

In Ocean observation, this Conferences & Travel Grants scholarship may be taken for pursuit. 30 Apr is the deadline for applications to be submitted for POGO-SCOR Visiting Developing World Fellowships, 2021.

Travel and living costs are the importance of a scholarship. This scholarship can be won in developed countries at universities and research institutes.

Official Website.  

4. TEG Postgraduate Training Fellowship

The TEG Postgraduate Training Fellowship is an international scholarship given to international students by the UK Medical Research Council (MRC). The qualifying students for this scholarship are: 

It is possible to take this Masters’s Scholarship to study Medical Statistics. The deadline for submission of applications for the TEG Postgraduate Training Fellowship is 17 Apr. You should take this scholarship.

Official of the time of this post the official website was active.

5. National Arts Council Arts Scholarships in Singapore, 2021

Singapore, 2021 National Arts Council Arts Scholarships is a Partial Funding International Scholarship provided to international students by the National Art Council (NAC).

Students eligible for this grant are:

Available to citizens of Singapore and permanent residents 

Other scholarships can be taken to pursue this Bachelors’s / Undergraduate in Arts. 03 Apr is the deadline for applications to be submitted for the 2021 Singapore National Arts Council Arts Scholarships. 90 percent of tuition fees + Allowance + Airfare is the worth of the scholarship.

This scholarship can be received in Singapore or overseas at accredited universities or arts institutions.

6. Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship Program, 2021

A Partial Funding international scholarship offered by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) for international students is the Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship Program, 2021. Students eligible for this scholarship are: Available to all people 

You will take this Bachelors / Undergraduate, Masters Scholarship for Accounting, Business Management, Economics, and Criminal Justice.

Jan 30 is the deadline for the submission of applications for the 2021 Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship Program.

The value of the scholarship is between 1,000 and 10,000 USD. At any college, this scholarship can be taken away.

Official Website

7. Royal Society International Exchange Programme, 2021

The 2021 Royal Society International Exchange Programme is an international scholarship provided by the Royal Society for international students with partial funding. Students eligible for this scholarship are: Available to all people 

You will take this Post Doc scholarship to pursue a course in natural sciences. March 12 is the deadline for the submission of applications for the 2021 Royal Society Foreign Exchange Program.

The value of the grant is travel allowances + expenditure for study. This scholarship can be received from institutions in the UK and abroad.

Official Website.

8. MOE-AU Scholarship For Singaporean Students, 2017

MOE-AU Scholarship For Singaporean Students, 2017 is an international Full Funding Scholarship provided to international students by the Ministry of Education (Singapore). Students eligible for this scholarship are: Available to Singapore applicants 

You can take this Bachelors / Undergraduate Scholarship to pursue any topic.

The deadline for applications for the MOE-AU Scholarship for Singaporean Students, 2017, varies with the deadline. The worth of the bursary is. At any local or overseas university, this scholarship can be accepted.

Official Website.

9. SAWISE Scholarships For Sub-Saharan And South African Women

SAWISE Scholarships for Sub-Saharan and South African Women is an international scholarship offered by the South African Women in Science and Engineering Association (SA WISE).

For international students with partial funding. Students eligible for the scholarship are: Open to women from Sub-Saharan and South Africa 

In any field of science and engineering, this Bachelors / Undergraduate Masters Scholarship may be taken for pursuit.

15 November is the deadline for applications for SAWISE Sub-Saharan and South African Women’s Scholarships. The scholarship value is R15 000 per annum.

This scholarship can be taken at Institutions in Sub-Sahara and South Africa. The scholarship application form can be seen 

Official website

10. Scholarships for Tanzanians in Egypt 

Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology in Egypt invites applications for the University of HELWAN Fully Funded Scholarships for Tanzanians in Egypt.

This is a scholarship for Tanzanian Students to study in Egypt. Being one kind of Egypt after research locations in the world, offering these grants for free study in Egypt helped to bring the dream of some foreign students to life. 

Moreover, this scholarship consists of Tanzanians’ Undergraduate Scholarships, Tanzanians’ Masters Scholarships, and Tanzanians’ Ph.D. Scholarships.

Level / Field of Study

  • The scholarship is open to undergraduates, masters and Ph.D. students

Host Nationality

  • The scholarship is being taken in Egypt

Eligible Nationality: 

  • The scholarship is open to TANZANIAN NATIONALS

Award Worth

  • Fully Funded scholarship

Number of Scholarships

  • 7 scholarships (5 for Undergraduate, 1 for Masters and 1 Doctorate Degrees)

Eligibility for the University of HELWAN Fully Funded Scholarships for Tanzanians

For all of the classes, the educational grant would only cover the tuition charge.


 Candidates must: 

  • Completed and passed Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education and received in the relevant subjects an average grade of ‘C’; 
  • Not to be admitted to institutions of higher learning; 
  • Not to be above the age of 25 years by September 
  • Notice that according to the academic studies of the related faculty, studies will be in English or Arabic. 
  • Apply to the following fields: Tourism & Hotels, Commerce, Computer and Technology Engineering and 
  • Have adequate fitness. 


  • A Maters Degrees applicant must complete a bachelor’s degree with a GPA of at least 3.2 
  • A candidate for a Ph.D. must complete the MSc Degree, a research-based Master’s degree. 
  • A candidate (i.e. Masters and Doctorate Degrees) for postgraduate students 
  • In the following areas, you must apply: Fine Art and Music

How to Apply For the University of HELWAN Fully Funded Scholarships for Tanzanians

Certified photocopies of academic certificates, transcripts, and birth certificates must be attached to all applicants. 

  • Reliable contact telephone numbers or email must be indicated by applicants. 
  • You can address all applications to: 

The Secretary to the Executive, 

Universities Committee of Tanzania (TCU), 

Mlimani Tower, Sam Nujoma, Mlimani City Opposite, 

Box 6562, P.O. 


Official Website

11. GERSS – German Egyptian Research Short-Term Scholarships 

The German Egyptian Research Short-term Scholarship (GERSS) is a program jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE).

And the German Academic Exchange Service, Bonn (DAAD), with the goal of funding short-term scholarships to travel to Germany for young Egyptian scientists. 

Researchers participating in MSc, Ph.D. programs, and young post-Doctoral candidates are the focus groups of the initiative. Bursaries may be granted for a period of between three and six months. 

The scholarship will enable advanced graduate students and young scientists to conduct part of their master’s, doctoral or post-doctoral studies in a particular research project at German universities, archives, libraries, or research institutes. 

Annually, there are two requests for applications, namely the call for autumn (01.09.-15.10.) and the call for spring (15.02.-31.03).

For more information, please check the GERSS info sheet available on the DAAD.


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Some courses at Helwan University include:


  • Mechanical Engineering 
  • Biomedical Engineering 
  • Electrical Engineering   

Medicine & Pharmacy 

  • Medicine    
  • Medical Biochemistry   
  • Medical Physiology      

Arts, Management & Social Science        

  • Accounting 
  • Economy and Foreign Trade  
  • Business Administration        
  • Political Science  

Science & Technology 

  • Statistics    
  • Chemistry  
  • Physics      
  • Mathematics        


  • Education

Special Programs Include:

Engineering Helwan

  • Professional Diploma in Cement Engineering
  • Communication Engineering & Information Technology Program
  • Master of Science in System’s Automation & Engineering Management

Engineering Mataria   

  • Energy Program Engineering
  • Structural Engineering Program

Computer & Information     

  • Software Engineering Program

Tourism and Hotel Management   

  • Tourism Guidance Diploma
  • Bachelor of Hotel Management
  • Bachelor of Tourism Studies
  • Tourism Guidance
  • M.Sc. of Tourism Guidance
  • M.Sc. in Aviation Management
  • Master in Heritage Conservation & Site Management
  • Master in Museum Studies
  • Ph.D. in Tourism Guidance
  • International Education Management INEMA
  • Master in Air Transport Management MAM


  • Business Information System BIS

Home Economics 

  • Diploma Clothing Industry
  • Bachelor of Dietetics


In a nutshell, Helwan University is a university of technology and applications, with all the variables of differentiation and diversity. 

Among Egyptian universities, it is considered to be a unique model as it includes humanities, performing arts, applied arts, art education, music education, and physical education.

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