Jim Ovia Foundation Leaders Scholarship 2020 (Application Details)

The Jim Ovia Foundation Leaders Scholarship 2020 is one of the scholarships that find strength in raising young African leaders through fully funded academic funding in reputable intuitions across Africa.

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The Jim Ovia Foundation Leaders Scholarship partners with Jim Ovia Foundation and the Africa-America Institute in providing educational environments for young future leaders.

This scheme is part of the efforts of raising young generations that can lead to the central affairs of their nations in Africa.

The Jim Ovia Scholarship 2019/2020, like other editions of the scholarships, work by selecting well-performing students and awarding grants and fully funded academic journeys through their study durations. 

The generous philanthropy of the Jim Ovia Foundation has been the backbone of this scheme for years and still offer scholarships through Ashesi University of Ghana and the Covenant University of Nigeria.

How to Apply for Jim Ovia Scholarship 2020 ( Leaders’ Foundation)

The 2020 Application details for the scholarship scheme is here, and interested students can take part in it. The Jim Ovia Scholarship is tenable in the following African institutions:

1. Ashesi University (in Ghana )

2. Covenant University in (Nigeria)

Jim Ovia Foundation Leaders Scholarship at Ashesi University (Ghana)

To be considered at Ashesi University (Ghana), you have to complete the application processes.

The Jim Ovia Scholarship, 2020/2021 application processes for this University, includes the submission of a General Scholarship Form.

The official address to these details is contained on the link below: http://www.ashesi.edu.gh/admissions/how-to-apply.html.

Jim Ovia Foundation Leaders Scholarship at Covenant University (Nigeria)

To be considered at the Covenant University, students must follow the application processes as contained in the link: http://covenantuniversity.edu.ng/.

Things required for the application

  1. WAEC certificate
  2. Birth certificate
  3. Passport photographs (very recent ones)
  4. Secondary school credentials 

*However, it is essential to note that aside from this scholarship, there are thousands of other scholarship opportunities that call for application in 2020.

Graduates and undergraduates are always encouraged to give in their best in sourcing for opportunities around these charitable organizations, governments, and individuals.

Who can apply for the Jim Ovia Scholarship 2020?

Every scholarship has some set of interests (and it is all about people and community). Furthermore, the Jim Ovia Scholarship is for students who meet all the criteria below. To participate, one must:

· Be an African student and residing in Africa 

· Exhibit laudable academic height

· Demonstrate Financial need 

· Be involved in active leadership/community development 

To adapt through the scholarship, one should know that certain skills and qualities are required from the candidates. They should:

  1. Possess great oratory skills
  2. Be a great conversationalist 
  3. Be a fast learner 
  4. Adapt to the proposed study environment 

Choosing your Courses

This is vital when applying for the scholarship. When using, it is essential that you know which course you are enrolling to take.

Don’t be moved by opinions of people on which direction you are to go for but instead pick your session based on your strengths because in the end you will be the one to carry the load and it is essential that you are 100% sure of what you are getting yourself involved in before you start. Things to look out for when choosing your course:

  1. How relevant is this course to the industry I want to work in?
  2. Will this course be obsolete by the time I am done with it?
  3. How sure am I that such a course can boost my career?
  4. What position will this course place me on in the labour market?

Worth of the Scholarship

Fully Funded Scholarship: The scholarship scheme, Jim Ovia Foundation Leaders Scholarship, provides tuition, room, and board for undergraduates.

Career Support and Opportunities: This career supports, and offers for students, prevail until even after their graduation from the various Universities.

Here the students are taught how to get involved in the career of their dreams. They are groomed and nurtured into professionals’ need in their respective industries.

Opportunities in their field of study are also made available to them for them to apply to, especially after finishing their course of study.

AAI Global Alumni Network: Awardees of Jim Ovia Foundation Leaders Scholarship will be armed with the best Alumni network in Africa. The AAI Alumni include prominent leaders throughout sectors and disciplines in Africa and the Globe and includes two sitting Presidents.

The connections and mentorship opportunities that the scholarship scheme offer is one of the features that made Jim Ovia Foundation Scholarship more outstanding in Africa.

Accessibility into higher academic circles: the recipients of the Jim Ovia scholarship would be exposed to higher academic circles where they can further their educational dreams when done with their first degrees.

They would be exposed to grants for their research and would be given opportunities to be mentored by people from their academic sphere.

Mentorship: the recipient of the scholarship will be mentored by professors, doctorates, and even master degree holders in the field of his/her study.

This gives them the chance to see their courses in a much broader scope and develop the necessary skills and requirements needed for them to excel in their individual fields of study and the industry at large.

 Culture Exposure: the scholarship recipients will be exposed to individuals from different African nations who have multiple cultural styles and dialects.

This helps the individual to build his/her network around colleagues with whom they can work with in the future. This also exposes them to multiple languages, and if one is smart, he/she can pick up a new style as a bonus.

Deadline Scholarship 2020

As at the time of preparing this article, the official deadline for Jim Ovia Foundation Leaders Scholarship 2020 has not been announced; maybe due to the recent global delays. But you are here to ensure you don’t miss out totally.

We advise candidates to make use of the information therein and follow the official website below for updates details on the 2020 application.

Also, one can leave a comment using the box below; we will keep one informed via his/her email when students subscribe to the Email Newsletter too.

Visit the Official Scholarship Webpage for the Jim Ovia Scholarship 2020/2021 Application 

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