How to Enroll for Jobreaders Digital Training [Courses, Webinar and Digital Books]

Our goal at Jobreaders is to help you learn new skills with extra hands of clarity; be able to solve more problems and earn a better income.

Jobreaders is a profitable skill-focused eLearning community. We partner with industry leaders who are passionate about changing lives through skill-based training and mentorship.

To sign up for any Jobreaders courses or download knowledge products such as eBooks, here is a simple step to follow:

  1. Simply log on to our website at
  2. Navigate to our library by simply clicking ‘Our Library’ from the Header Menu
  3. Click on your desired training materials or online course.
  4. Take a look at the features and details of what you’re about to learn.
  5. Click ‘Add to Cart’
  6. You can view and Proceed with Shopping. Or simply, Proceed to Check out
  7. Now, you’ll enter your details [ ensure you have a valid email address. Enter your name and your billing address. Go ahead and enter your billing information (using a credit or debit card). Enter the details on your card (Credit or debit card).
  8. Once you are done, then proceed to Preview your Billing. make sure that you are paying for the right knowledge product.
  9. Having done this, then hit the ‘checkout button’ to complete your payment.


You have now successfully enrolled for Jobreaders Digital Training.

From here, you will head over to your email for confirmation, download links and login details for your online classes (if you have enrolled for an online course with Jobreaders).

Here at Jobreaders, you learn from a committed community of instructors and teachers who are dedicated to transforming lives around the world.

Our support team are ready 24 Hours a day to answer your questions and ensure you are not stuck at any point of your learning.

Thank you for choosing Jobreaders.

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