5 Super Skills to Make Money While Studying Abroad

In this guide, you will learn about the top profitable skills to make money while studying abroad or living anywhere in the world.

As a student who desires to relocate abroad for studies, you will not need the kind of job that could take up your whole hours of your time, and keep you struggling to meet up with your studies.

It is actually a no-brainer to the world that most students abroad even send aid home as cash – most especially, students from developing and underdeveloped nations.

So, as a student who aspires to relocate or one who is searching for a sustainable means of taking care of bills and savings for the uncertain future – then this guide is made for you.

Once again, I am Valentine Nnanyere and I founded Jobreaders.org with a single purpose – to contribute my quota in helping younger people tap into career opportunities and high-income skills.

Do you really need skills?

Before you even consider leaving your home country for another – the cost of living and study expenses should be one of your guiding factors.

So, yes you need skills that can translate to money.

Unless you have some big aunties and uncles who can take care of all you may need. Aside from these unrealistic hops, you better gate a job or have proper arrangement before heading to the airport.

Secondly, as a student in most developed countries like Canada, the United States and other best student destinations, students are only offered jobs for a limited number of hours per week.

Before you leave the page or keep learning think about what it could mean to your life and ambitions when you learn a skill that can help you learn a couple of dollars with just your smartphone or laptop, and not having to struggle for a job visa.

This page is created to help you take the right actions that will surely give you a level of financial edge over every other regular candidate out there.

Without further ado, let us dive into the same guide that has helped hundreds of students make money while studying abroad – from any country in the world.

Profitable Skills to Make Money While Studying Abroad

There are so many things one could do to earn income, however, this post has a focus on highly profitable digital skills that with remove income advantage. These skills are suitable for people at all ages irrespective of the niche and profession.


Blogging is the content marketing business that entails the use of, primarily, written content to pass information to a defined audience who search online.

To start a blogging business, one must have a functioning blog and also have a solution with a data-driven strategy. I think this is where so many newbies miss it and that leads to blogging without results.

However, blogging has been considered by various webmasters and tech journals as one of the most profitable digital skills with highly sustaining income streams.

To help you get started, here is a video I have also made to explain how we earn income blogging:

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a simple business model that rewards affiliates for helping other brands sell their products and services.

What happens is that as an affiliate, you sign up and get a tracking code for every product or service you intend to sell.

Since you can read and write, here is a comprehensive video we made many months ago about how you can start making money as a student – with affiliate marketing:

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Website Development

Website design, just like blogging, is one of the few topics where I have demonstrated authority over the past few years. First, let us understand what it entails to become a website developer.

Based on popular definitions, web development refers to the tasks linked with creating, building, and maintaining websites and web applications.

Website design also includes web design, web programming, and database management but gone are the days when one must learn coding or master any programming language to get a website designed.

With easy-to-use content management systems and other marketing platforms, even a newbie can master how to design websites to start making money while studying abroad.

We have also made a video that describes your opportunities as a website developer. Watch the video after the cut:

Data Analysis

Data analysis is the process of cleaning, changing, and processing raw data and extracting the type of information that helps businesses make more informed decisions.

Any business that desires to stay relevant needs quality data analysis to make the right decision that can guarantee growth and this is why analysts are paid very well around the world.

According to an online source, the average salary for a Data Analyst is $150000 per year in Lagos (Nigeria).

The same report has it that the average salary for a data analyst is $64,983 in Canada.

What does it take to become a data Analyst?

What it takes to become a data analyst is knowledge. Learning how to run effective data analysis is key. However, to become a well-paid expert in any field there is a need for mastery.


Vlogging involves making videos to educate a certain audience about events, places, issues, projects and other topics.

As at the time of preparing this guide, the best platform for making monetizable videos is on YouTube.

Making YouTube videos helps you grow a community around any idea, business or product and has various ways of helping you earn income.

For instance: Most students who successfully emigrated to most countries are always seen on YouTube helping other students who also intend to relocate.

Let us talk about how YouTube pays Vloggers.

What YouTube charges contractors (those who advertise) is $0.18 per view on average.

On the other hand, YouTube pays 68% of this rate to YouTubers – through a platform known as Google AdSense. It is clear that mastering the art of content creation is very lucrative and I will have to further explain it here.

Looking at the average rate (68%) of the advertiser budget that Google is willing to pay, what you will get is $0.12 for every view.

In summary, Vloggers are paid $122 for every 1,000 views on their channel. However, there are other factors to consider such as niche because it could actually be more or less than what you have just seen.

Writing Services

Writing is one of the most lucrative skills of the 21st century and it can help any good writer earn income – irrespective of location.

As a student or potential emigrant who desires to earn regular income, learning how to write or taking advantage of your writing skill is a sure way to boost income.

As a matter of fact, writing is one of the simplest skills to make money while studying abroad – most especially when you are doing research and writing in a field that is related to your course.

There are several freelancing platforms for writers and students to earn income from their skills online. However, Writer Gig is one fantastic way to get started:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is writing profitable?

Businesses and organizations around the world desire to be seen. From being a copywriter, blog post writer, or email copywriter to being a book writer – one could be earning shit loads of cash from the comfort of your room.

Which country is best for earning money while studying?

Spain, the UK, France and Germany are top of the list of countries where students can make money while studying because they allow students to work up to 20 hours per week.

One other reason is the fact that, unlike China, these countries do not require extra Visa for students who want to work and earn income in their country.

How can I earn money while studying in the USA?

One of the simplest ways to make money while studying in the USA is by learning a high-paying skill that will pay you in their currency ( dollars).

While there may be other ways a student can work and get paid in the United States, we are not emigration experts and can only recommend skills and jobs that can pay you even in the comfort of your school hostel or at home.

Can I Work While Studying Abroad?

Answer: Yes, students can work up to 20 hours per week in a job relevant to the field of study

However, depending on the country, you may or may not be able to work alongside your studies. Some countries require an additional visa.

Lastly, some countries such as Canada, Australia and the USA only allow part-time working of 20 hours per week. And there are countries like China that allow certain visa types to work while studying.


In this guide, we have shared more than one way anyone can work and earn income while living or studying abroad. These skills are also valid means of creating and growing your income stream even before you plan to relocate or just be where you are.

What is usually missing in many guides online is, the ‘how to’ and that is what we have provided for you. However, if you are yet to take any action or do not know where and how to get started, do well to leave a comment in the comment section below.

Kindly Note: This post, in no way, should be regarded as financial advice. The videos, texts and other forms of information you will get here are based on strategies that have worked for me, my students and my clients.

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