How to Earn Income Daily with Jobreaders Affiliate Partnership Program (Step-by-step)

This blog post is a step-by-step guide you need to hop into the Jobreaders affiliate partnership program and start earning descent income for helping others get answers to their career, business and financial needs.

In this article with videos,  you will be learning how to start making money with Jobreaders (up to half a million Naira Every Week) by helping others learn very some skills.

To begin, you need to understand that Jobreaders is an eLearning platform and a community website that is committed to transforming lives by teaching profitable skills with industry leaders.

In this platform, users take well-detailed online courses with practical guides and success-driven assistance.

For the past 5 years, Jobreaders has helped over 2000 students achieve career success in multiple career paths such as CMR short courses, website development, affiliate marketing, sales automation, data analysis and management, paid advertising and lots more.

In this tutorial you will be learning by following a step-by-step method that will help you start earning from the comfort of your home, even if you have never sold anything online before or live outside Nigeria.

That said, let’s quickly dive into the process.

To start earning income from Jobreaders efforts to help people earn more decent income, you must sign up with the Jobreaders Affiliate Partnership program.  

As an affiliate partner, your role will be to share Jobreaders knowledge products such as online courses, eBooks and webinar and once people a student or user signs up you will get over %50 commission from whatever they pay.

It is simple and you can get started right this minute.

This is a win-win situation between you, Jobreaders and the prospects who will be learning proven ways to better their careers, businesses and finances.

In simple terms, you will keep earning income by helping others learn profitable skills -using the simple method that you’re going to be learning in this video.

Stage One: Sign up with Jobreaders Affiliate Program

So, register, simply visit from the money icon on your mobile or desktop browser, tap on the partnership.

You can as well locate a link to this partnership page in the description of this video. Once you are on the page, you will need to select any of the opt-in buttons to register.

  1. I’ll click on the register button below the page to enter my details.
  2. From this up in page, I will enter a valid email address (my email), my name and other necessary details.
  3. I will also enter article that describe how I intend to promote JobReaders knowledge products [ it is important you explain – that will increase your chances of being selected for this program] Jobreaders wants to ensure that you understand affiliate marketing and have what it takes to grow others by promoting the right contents on your platforms.
  4. After feeling in even detail here, tap the final register or sign-up button. You will get an email notification on the next offer while you wait for your partnership approval.

Jobreaders Affiliate team will review your application and grant you the access to promote Jobreaders digital products and start making money from your home, your school or anywhere you are right now.

Once your approval is reviewed, Jobreaders will send you a notification email, and you can now login to your dashboard. To hasten your approval, we recommend you take the Free Affiliate Marketing Course that was sent to your email during registration.

So, lets head over to the next stage.

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Stage Two: Sign Up with a Marketing Software

One of the reasons people promote their products or their affiliate products online without making money is because they don’t create a means of following up with people who show interest in what they offer.

To make sure that you start earning income without having to work so hard you will be making use of one special software that is called Getresponse. You must have heard so much this platform.

Getresponse, as an all-in-one marketing platform is used for designed landing pages, setting up email automation, collecting prospects data such as phone numbers, email addresses and name.

You will be signing up with this platform to create a landing page that will describe the affiliate product or that your own products you will be selling.

You will also need this software to collect the data (such as phone numbers, emails and names of those who indicate interest in the products you promote. This will help you remain in touch with the prospects to remind them and keep marketing to them until they buy using automate methods.

The third features and function of this software that you will need to make massive sales online is the email automation.

Email automation is a method of engaging prospects who are not yet buying from you, but have indicated interest in what you offer.

To get started with this marjeting Software, simply use this link and also watch the video below to learn how to sign up for free, and how you can sell a digital product with this software.

So, it’s absolutely free to sign up.

Video: How to sell an eBook with Getresponse

This is a sample tutorial that will take you through the process of using Getresponse to sell a digital product such as an eBook.

Jobreaders digital trainings comes in forms of online courses, eBooks and webinars and using this software you will be able to reach out to people who are more likely to be in need of any digital products ( or the affiliate product that you are promoting).


  1. Enter your name

2. You email and other necessary information.

3. Tap the sign-up button to complete the registration.

4. Next is to login to your Getresponse Dashboard.

5. From the menu icon select ‘Landing Page’

6. Create a Landing Page for your product.

What this landing page will do is that once people enter their emails and other details, they will automatically be redirected to the page where they will buy the course, the eBook or whatever affiliate products you are selling with Jobreaders.

To generate your unique affiliate link to any product, head over to Jobreaders library, tap on click on the product you want to promote. From the creative areas, you can copy your unique affiliate link to the product.

Stage Three: Drive traffic to The Landing Page (Address)  

Once you are done this landing page with the image of your product, the prices and other information your next goal is to start driving traffic into the landing page.

One: to collect the information of those who show interest. This information include email, phone numbers and names.

Two: To get people who will be interested you need to learn how to run advertisement in social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. You can also start answering questions on Qura to generate quality leads. You can post for free on social media groups, include in community and religious bulletins and lots more.

Three: with the phones, emails and name, you can always call these prospects, be in touch via email automation, or using WhatsApp messages to remind them about discounts, renegotiate or educate them until they make buying decisions.

How much traffic do I need to drive into the landing page per week?

there should not be any limit to the quality traffic you can bring into your landing page – you can make use of all the platforms mentioned and target getting from 1000 daily traffic on your pages.

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You can start right now!

Want to get Started Right Now?

Yes, you need to master some of the tools and processes that will help start making thousands of Naira every single day from the comfort of your homes.  

However, if you are lazy and not willing to commit don’t bother starting, but if you are searching for a legitimate cool way to start earning passive income in dollars from anywhere in the world – then grab this almost free online course right now.

Jobreaders offers up to 50% commission on all sales on courses and other knowledge products as an affiliate partner. The instructors work, study and create training while you promote to make money for yourself.

To get started right now, you can sign up for Jobreaders Affiliate marketing Toolkit; this is a free online course that is designed to teach you the A-Z of this Affiliate Program and how you can start earning passive income from the comfort of your home. It is totally free and you can start right now with the link below:

Tap this link to sign up for free.

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