Mexican Government Scholarship 2021/2022 for International Students

The Mexican Government Scholarship Program 2020/2021 for international students(graduates, postgraduate studies and research) is designed to assist  international students who desire to study in Mexico financially

The 2021/2022 Mexican Government Scholarship is one of the best scholarship programmes for international students who wish to study in Mexico.

This is because the Mexican Government Scholarship Program offers successful candidates more than many other regular scholarship opportunities for most developing countries. 

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The worth includes a monthly stipend, registration, and Tuition Fees.

The program also provides medical insurance through the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), the air ticket to and from Mexico, and the Cost of Visa.


The scholarship is open to 180 countries. Students from the eligible countries can apply.

Your CGPA is the edge you have, and therefore it should be high for you to secure the scholarship. A minimum of 3.5 and above can increase your chances of obtaining such an award and many other scholarships. So, Study hard to show yourself approved.

Candidates should use the official scholarship portal to check their countries’ eligibility for the programme.

Why Mexico?

Mexico is a South American country rich in colour and beauty and has an excellent educational standard.

The standard of living is pretty accommodative for any foreigner who wishes to study in Mexico.

Mexico has a unique educational standard, and so studying through their institution can give you an edge in employment in most countries.

The government has set out grants to help foreigners in their educational pursuit, and this is one of those grants. 

In summary here are the reasons why you should choose Mexico:

  • Accommodative standard of living
  • Cheaper food prices
  • Low costs of feeding
  • Good power supply
  • Great study environment
  • Low transportation costs
  • Low cost of housing
  • Good roads
  • Good medical care 

How To Apply?

The Application is made in a personal capacity, and only one application per person will be accepted.

Applicants with more than one nationality may only submit one application. The nomination must come from the same country as the nationality chosen by the applicant to use while in Mexico

Applicants who have already begun their studies in Mexico, in the HEIs and the academic programs indicated in this Call, are eligible to participate in this Call.

The AMEXCID scholarship is not retroactive; that is, it does not cover any expenses (including air transport) that have been made before granting the award.


The 2021/2022 Mexican Government Scholarship Program is fully funded, and below is what it covers for each program, including the Undergraduate, postgraduate students.


AMEXCID which is the countries Agency for International Education 

Course Level:

Bachelor’s Degree, Specialty, Specialization, Master’s Degree, Doctorate & Postgraduate Research, Mobility Programs

Duration Of The 2021/2022 Mexican Government Scholarship Program

  • Undergraduate (4 Years)
  • Graduate-level Research and Postdoctoral Fellowship (12 months)
  • Specialization (1 year)
  • Master’s Degree (2 years)
  • Doctoral Programs (3 or 4 years)
  • Medical Specialization and sub-specialization (3 years)

The Deadline for Application

Mexican scholarship is a yearly scholarship, as, at the time of compiling this post, the actual date has not been announced but you can alwys visit the offical website here for updates

You can use the comment section below to call to our notice. We will guide you further through the conversation.

For other current funding programmes for education which include scholarships and grants, we encourage you to search through the special section in our website at for latest scholarship update and other career opportunities

What to look out for a while applying for the Mexican Government Scholarship 

  1. Can you speak Spanish? Spanish is the dominant language used for communication in Mexico, and it will be perfect if you knew how to communicate with the indigenes in their native tongue. Learning this will help you to flow with the people and understand their rich culture
  2. Are you used to different Dishes? Since Mexico is a country of vibrant colour and beauty, so are its dishes. Moving there to study means that you should be able to adapt to their eating habits, cuisine and dishes. Oh yeah, don’t forget they love spicy food. So feel free with your stomach to get the best from their meals.
  3. Are you a religious type? All religious bodies are ably represented in Mexico. So whichever religious group you belong to, you will find your pack.
  4. Architecture & Photography? If architecture and photography is your thing, then you are in the right place. Feel free to go around, look at and document their historical sites and marvellous architectural structures.

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