How to Apply for Mike Rowe Scholarship 2021

Are you a resident of the United States of America seeking to apply for the Mike Rowe scholarship 2021? Then this article is for you.

Fasten your seat-belt. I intend to take you on a ride to get intimated on all you need to know regarding the year’s edition of this scholarship and most importantly, your eligibility status.

The scholarship is usually managed by Mike Rowe scholarship management services. It awards individuals ranging from high school seniors and graduates possessing a passion to harness skills embedded in them or highly valued in the USA.

Can I know what the Mike Rowe scholarship is all about?

Yes! It’s a necessity for individuals to have an idea of what they intend to venture in. Mike Rowe scholarship is a public charity; I can hear you say such a philanthropist.

It awards individuals possessing passion to get education for skills that are in demand.

Mike Rowe understands the importance of skills in this era and how individuals have negated it rather focusing and limiting their potentials based on their degrees.

This serves as the why to which he annually awards individual with an opportunity to acquire a skill bridging the gap that has long been created.

The foundation affirms that skill and work ethic aren’t taboo (S.W.E.A.T). Archives has it that the foundation has granted more than three million dollars towards the education of qualified individuals in trade schools.

Who is eligible to apply for the Mike Rowe scholarship?

Not just anyone in the United States of America is eligible. It’s limited to high school students, graduates or undergraduates with a skill of demand or value to acquire.

What institutions does the Mike Rowe scholarship 2021 encompass?

One needs to be aware of the institutes the Mike Rowe scholarship program is keen about. This is a major part of the eligibility.

You wouldn’t want to be rejected just because you weren’t aligned with the guidelines.

It is limited to high school students who are currently enrolled or have intentions to enroll in a licensed college be it vocational and technical or technical institutes that are approved in the United States.

Which country is the Mike Rowe scholarship limited to?

This is quite an important point in the eligibility check list guys. The Mike Rowe scholarship covers only institutions as earlier stated in the United States of America.

None other. Also note, it is limited to citizens resident in the USA.

Monetary worth of Mike Rowe scholarship

The moment we have all been waiting for. This is the crux of this content, everyone is always curious to know how much an intending scholarship they hope to apply is worth. To know if it’s worth the stress.

Actually, there’s no fixed amount attached to the Mike Rowe scholarship. The recipient’s intending program and school is a key determinant in this.

In a nutshell, the cost of your program’s tuition in the eligible institutes is what the scholarship foundation awards qualified students with.

Are there recipients limit for the Mike Rowe scholarship?

A big yes to that. There are limited slots each year for students awarded with the scholarship. One of the reasons why it is a onetime award, to actually give room for others.

Mike Rowe scholarship has 150 award slots yearly encompassing tuition and other study expenses.

Requirements of the Mike Rowe Scholarship?

The following are lists of requirement or attributes an intending applicant of the Mike Rowe scholarship should possess;

  • Applicant must be a High school senior, graduate, or GED equivalent who is currently enrolled or have intentions to enroll in a vocation or technical institutes in the United States.
  • Non benefactor of the Mike Rowe scholarship. Since it is a onetime award, existing recipient shouldn’t apply

Needed documents for Mike Rowe scholarship;

  • Applicants must submit transcript of their grades obtained from previous schools.
  • Applicants must possess copy of page one from a recent IRS Form 1040 that has been filed.
  • Applicants must present alongside two finished Reference Questionnaires.
  • Also included must be a Completed S.W.E.A.T. Pledge Short Answer Questions.
  • Most importantly, the complete cost of the intending school.

Mike Rowe Scholarship Application Procedures

All intending applicants of the Mike Rowe scholarship should proceed to click the link to get full procedures as encapsulated therein.;/register.php

The how to in applying for the Mike Rowe scholarship

Mike Rowe scholarship2020 is quite approaching and its expedient one gets ready. Take a look at some steps to applying for the scholarship. All intending applicants must do the necessary listed:

  • One must Enroll in any of the scholarship’s list of approved program

Access the link to get versed with the scholarship’s list of approved program.

  • One must Sign the S.W.E.A.T. Pledge.

Click below to read and sign the Mike Rowe S.W.E.A.T. Pledge:

  • Applicant must answer 3 questions in the list of questions available to them. Little tip there; take time to digest questions before proceeding to answer. You wouldn’t want to sound crappy knowing it’s a contest sort of. 150 slots against thousands of people. It’s no child’s play.
  • Applicants must write an essay. A topic would be given. Again, it’s no joke. I’m interested in your success, read tips on writing a good essay here.
  • Applicants must include referees for validation. No one wants to dish out scholarships to just anyone.
  • Applicants are required to make a short video ranging from 45 to 60 seconds with title as “2021 work ethic applicant”, Including applicant’s first and last name.

Note, no trademarks, service marks or music should be traced in the video. Applicant must proceed to upload video on YouTube which must be public and consistent with the app’s instructions and settings.

Worthy to be noted is; at any point, the foundation may choose to use video uploaded for several purposes like ads et al.

  • All intending applicants must verify the cost of programs in the eligible school of choosing. It must be stated exactly.
  • Applicants must upload result transcripts where required.
  • Applicants are required to upload financial statement to get insight on their financial status.

More information can be obtained on the Mike Rowe scholarship here.

When is the timeline for the Mike Rowe Scholarship?

Keep calm! Your hands on deck nonetheless, the Mike Rowe scholarship 2020 edition is on its way. Be rest assured, we are here to keep you updated. you can also visit the foundation’s official website.

There is a saying that success happens when preparations meet opportunity.  Plan and prepare ahead.

Can I contact Mike Rowe scholarship foundation?

Certainly! Get the address below

1207 4th Street, PH 1

Santa Monica, CA 90401 USA

Director of Operations Business Affairs


[email protected]

Also, you can follow Mike Rowe on Facebook to know more details on the foundation.

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