Application for the New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarship 2021/2022

The call for the New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarship 2021/2022application is here and also all the requirements are listed.

Are you a graduate in search of an international scholarship opportunity? Do you have a dream of doing your Bachelors Degree, Masters, or PhD abroad! In respect to your course of study, here is a life-changing opportunity right on your doorstep.

Am glad to inform you and bring to your notice that the Government of New Zealand offers scholarships for Bachelors, Masters and PhD students.

This scholarship offer is just for specific countries across the world; as you read further, the eligible countries will be shortlisted.

New Zealand Government has announced fully funded and free scholarships for international students interested in studying any bachelor, a master’s degree program and a PhD research in New Zealand, this offer was given to international students willing to consider any of the universities in New Zealand.

The Government of New Zealand is offering fully funded and free Scholarships for all courses including social science engineering, medical, arts, sciences and management.

This is one of the best fully funded and open ongoing scholarships for all students who cannot bear their expenses to study their desired courses in foreign countries.

Master’s and PhD students who are willing to pursue their dreams in their various research field of study are also eligible for this fully funded and free scholarship for international students

Eligible countries for this fully funded and free Development scholarship for international students is as follows:

African Commonwealth countries, Africa-non-commonwealth countries, Asian regions, Latin America, and the Middle East.

Scholarship Benefits for eligible countries

The Government of New Zealand has announced that anyone granted with this great opportunity will be given a fully funded and free scholarship which covers

  • New Zealand will sponsor their full tuition fees
  • living allowance (a stipend) of NZ$491 per week. This will help with a scholar’s basic living expenses, but it is not enough to cover the living costs of any family members
  • an establishment allowance of NZ$3000. This is to help with set-up costs in New Zealand. For example, you can use it for accommodation expenses, textbooks, or other study materials
  • medical insurance when you are in New Zealand
  • travel to and from your own country. This is for travel from your own country at the start of the scholarship, and for return travel at the end of your scholarship
  • travel insurance
  • travel home during your scholarship (We allow for one or two trips home, depending on the length of your scholarship)
  • help with research and thesis costs for many postgraduate students

Why the New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarship 2021/2022

The new Zealand commonwealth scholarship was created to build connections with and influencing other countries to advance New Zealand’s interests, project New Zealand values and secure the outcomes that matter to New Zealand.

We pursue the Government’s international priorities and provide advice to the Government on the implications for New Zealand of what is happening in the world.

the well being of New Zealand is the utmost agenda and this scholarship projects that in, providing sustainable solutions to regional and global challenges, it creates job opportunities and fosters the likes of trade, investment and other international connections, the ability to travel, do business and communicate safely and the confidence citizens have in the country can affect others on issues that matter for them now and in the future.

The New Zealand Government Scholarship Eligibilities

The eligible applicants applying for New Zealand fully funded and free scholarships must meet the following criteria and requirement;

Qualified candidates must be in their home countries at the time of applying for this scholarship

Qualified candidates must be above the age of 18 years at the time of applying for this Grant

Eligible Candidate must not be a citizen of New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Japan, Israel, South Korea, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, USA, Canada, European Union countries.

Eligible Candidates applying for the New Zealand Government scholarship must fulfil the immigration requirements including (police character certificate, Medical certificate, and Character certificate).

Eligible Candidate must have two years’ work experience that may be Part-time, Full time, paid or volunteering jobs

Qualified candidates should have received an offer or acceptance from host universities in New Zealand Government as evident of Invitation.

Eligible Candidate must not be involved in crimes previously in the host country.

Eligible Candidate should choose a field that will help the Candidate’s country after their return to their home country.

The eligible Candidate should commit his/her own country to serve for at least two years after fulfilling their degree in New Zealand.

The eligible candidates of New Zealand Government Scholarship are required to submit a research proposal for doctoral programs, study plans for Master’s degree programs, statements of purpose and motivation letter with the application.

New Zealand Government fully funded scholarship Categories and the deadline are as follows:

There are four major types of New Zealand Scholarships are available to apply for:

New Zealand Commonwealth Scholars Program, Pakistanis and many other countries can apply for these.

  • ASEAN New Zealand Scholar Award Program
  • Development Scholarships by New Zealand Government and
  • Pacific New Zealand fellowships

for more fully funded scholarships do check      

 How to Apply for New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarship 2021/2022

Step 1: Eligible Candidate must download a Scholarship Application form for New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarship.

Step 2: Eligible Candidate must complete the scholarship application form and pin all your educational documents, e.g. student academics record (international transcript), letter of recommendation and all other documents required by your desired university in New Zealand.

Step 3: Eligible Candidate is required by commonwealth scholarship Council of New Zealand, first to find a professor in any New Zealand university who can supervise the qualified Candidate. The acceptance letter sends by the scholarship board must be pinned with the set of documents that are mentioned through this application details.

Step 4: Eligible Candidate must parcel the set of application documents to the nominating agency for New Zealand Commonwealth scholarship in your own country. Records which if you sent to the New Zealand scholarship council will not be accepted and will be regarded as invalid documents.

Step 5: Deadline for New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarship Program is 30th March

all these can be changed anytime but you can check the requirements and eligibility for universities offering communication and media studies

Degree Requirements for New Zealand Government Scholarship

Qualified candidates who are applying for a bachelor’s degree should have a high school certificate.

Qualified candidates who are applying for Master’s degree programs should provide a bachelor’s certificate.

Qualified candidates who are interested in PhD degrees should have a Master’s degree certificate at the time applying for the scholarship.

Important Notice for the 2021/2022 New Zealand Scholarships

International students interested to apply for New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarship 20221/2022 from countries such as Belize, Pakistan, Dominica, Botswana, Grenada, Cameroon, Guyana, Ghana, Jamaica, Kenya, St Lucia, St Vincent, Lesotho, the Grenadines, India, Cook Islands, Malaysia, Kiribati, Sri Lanka, Fiji, Nauru, Niue are advised to possess the above requirement.

Qualifications for Commonwealth Scholarship offered by the New Zealand government provides master programs for up to 24 Months and a doctoral degree for up to 40-45 months.

Candidates who are qualified for the 2021/2022 New Zealand Commonwealth scholarship, based on the descriptions above, are to submit their applications directly to nominating agencies their own countries. This can also be done through the Ministry of Educations in your local countries. \

Online Application Deadline for New Zealand Scholarships 2020/2021

Also, note that the last date for the New Zealand Government development scholarship and the deadline of the Commonwealth New Zealand Scholarship is yet to be announced.

Official Scholarship Website:

The eligibility and other details are found therein. Our candidates are also hereby informed that the external links from these websites do not imply any affiliation with ADEVIBES.

To remain up to date with relevant opportunities around your career, visit our website at

How to Apply for New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarship 2021/2022

The  New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarship 2021/2022 takes a very simple application procedure for applicants. A student applying from various countries are advised to make use of the official details found in this descriptive page.

But as we always advise, multiple applications and other forms of manipulative practices always lead to disqualification.

Remain sincere in your manners of a scholarship application, and expect the best from the examining pannels. And please, if you are not eligible for this scholarship position, share this post, to help others.

Level of study and their duration

  1. Undergraduate Degree (3-4 years)
  2. Postgraduate Certificate (6 months)
  3. Postgraduate Diploma (1 year)
  4. Master’s Degree (1-2 years)
  5. Ph.D. (3.5 years)
  6. Undergraduate Degree (Timor-Leste only).

How to apply for a New Zealand Student VISA?

You only need to apply for a student visa, when they offer you a New Zealand Scholarship and you accept that offer. But before you apply for a New Zealand Scholarship, we strongly recommend that you check the student visa requirements on the relevant immigration website, listed below. This is because you can only study abroad on New Zealand scholarship if you successfully get a student visa to study in New Zealand.

As soon as a scholar accepts a New Zealand Scholarship, they must apply for a student visa on the relevant immigration website below. Once you accept the New Zealand Scholarship we recommend you start your visa application immediately. The visa application process can take two to three months and medical tests are required.

If a scholarship recipient does not get a student visa, we will have to withdraw the scholarship.

check here for the requirement for a New Zealand student visa;Student visa requirements and application form for New Zealand


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