NNPC / ADDAX Scholarship 2021 for Nigerian Students

the NNPC/ADDAX Scholarship 2021 for Nigeria students is yet to be announced but The recent pandemic has offered a lot of students the opportunities to apply for the NNPC / ADDAX Scholarships as of 2020, so 2021/ 2022 session is yet to commence.

Nevertheless, this article will be a guild for students who want to apply. This content was updated to assist the following categories of students:

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) in partnership with Addax Petroleum Development (Addax) is calling for application in the NNPC ADDAX Scholarship Scheme for 2020/2021 Academic Session.

At every level of study in Nigerian tertiary institutions, there are a set of challenges that define those classes. 

It differed for several reasons, such as academic backgrounds, family financial status, information system within and even friends around. 

Scholarship opportunities like the ADDAX are to solve some of these challenges, even though not conclusively.

And having passed through a Federal Institution of Technology in Nigeria, I am in the right ground to enlighten students on the needs to take cover against these academic odds.

But because you are eligible, we encourage you to adhere to all the application procedures and guidelines.

The Academic Programme for ADDAX Scholarship 2021/2022 

The NNPC, which is the Oil Corporation through which the Nigerian government regulates and participates in the country’s petroleum industry with Addax, being one of the largest oil-producing firms in the whole of West Africa.

The body now invites undergraduate students in Nigeria to apply for their scholarship scheme worth a Hundred Thousand Naira per session.

If you are an undergraduate student struggling on how to make it through school, this is an excellent opportunity for you, scroll down on how to apply.

Do you need a brighter academic future? We firmly stand as an education brand, to encourage students who consider it worthy of searching for and following the procedures for education funding schemes around the world.

For the sake of your futures, various developed countries, institutions and individuals build ties with nations and schools to offer aids through scholarships.

This education assistance is not limited to grants that are only tenable in most African Universities, but for quality educations across the shore of different underdeveloped nations. 

Nations and schools invest billions into their bursary, for the sake of students from other developing countries, to create the career of these young global leaders that will in turns build their local communities.

But the question has always been who is willing to search and harness these opportunities?

Many students only need little support to explore, but myriads are yet to discover their focus. Which every means, we will keep proclaiming the fact these career opportunities are genuine; and still calls on you to properly harness them.

 Students’ Categories for ADDAX Scholarship 2021/2022 

Check the following to know if you are eligible for the  NNPC / ADDAX Scholarship 2021 for Nigerian Undergraduates, and all the applicants must be Nigerians.

Must be in 100 level at the time of application (those admitted in 2020/2021). Non-indigenes of the host communities which includes Rivers, Akwa Ibom, and Imo States (students from these states should apply for the host community Merit award called APDNL)

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Duration for OND students will be two years (must be in ND one at time of application). Those who are not eligible for 2021/2022 NNPC / ADDAX Scholarship For Nigerian Undergraduates include:

fully-funded tuition fees for undergraduate and masters student 

  • Students with less than 200 score in UTME need not apply
  • Students with less than 2.50 CGPA of 5-point scale, or equivalent
  • 300 level students and above need not apply
  • Current beneficiaries of similar awards from the oil industry need not apply

How to apply for ADDAX Scholarship 2021/2022 

Note: The actual application time is not contained in this article, and to be informed when the portal reopens for 2021 application, we encourage students to subscribe free, to our Email broadcast, using the box below this post. We send instant notifications to students who are eligible.

Having gone through the eligibility, candidates should submit the necessary information to the portal for the grant.

The names of the documents should be according to what they represent to avoid mixing up records before uploading. 

The scheme is one of those yearly programs for undergraduates in Nigeria that presents them with aptitude tests through which the scholarship board make consideration for the available positions.

It covers both the tuition fees across Nigerian Universities and Polytechnics, with additional allowances and further chances to further their degree abroad.

Education has been a significant consideration for top oil companies in Nigeria, and excellent students should position themselves for opportunities like this.

The website through which entries are collected is scholastic.ng, but currently, the portal is yet to create a link for the 2021 applications.

Meanwhile, you can go through the list of currently ongoing academic funds and scheme for Nigerian undergraduates, in 2021. 

We encourage students to sign up without email information system (with the box below this article); that will help us inform you when these opportunities are up for grab.

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The Worth for ADDAX Scholarship 2021/2022 

The Scholarship is worth N 100,000 annually throughout your study year for university students, but for polytechnic students, it’s only for the OND Ordinary National Diploma (2years). 

Exam (Aptitude Test) Venue for The 2021 NNPC / ADDAX Scholarship For Nigerian Undergraduates:

You must indicate your preferred centre for the Aptitude test.

  1. Abuja
  2. Lagos
  3. Owerri
  4. Port Harcourt

The aptitude test will take place at the respective centres that will be communicated to you on a later date, and you are to bear the cost of transportation that takes candidates to and from the aptitude test centres, as chosen.

If you have any questions or clarification, drop it in the comment box below, and you will be attended to shortly. For the application time, other requirements and deadline, you can leave your questions below. here is the official link for the scholarship.


The NNPC / ADDAX Scholarship 2021 for Nigerian Students Application is yet to commence, job readers will update you when they begin.

for more update visit our website @www.jobreaders.org

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  1. Can I be notified when this scholarship application will be opened? Also other scholarship application for 100 level students too. Thanks

  2. Yes, we will be glad to send you notifications, and we encourage you to visit our website homepage for a list of other opportunities:
    You can also go back to this post, to learn more.
    Note: Jobreaders is not affiliated with any of the schools or governments that offer scholarships or other funding for students. The contents here are made, to inform you in the available opportunities.

  3. Yes, we will be glad to send you notifications, and we encourage you to visit our website homepage for a list of other opportunities:
    You can also go back to this post, to learn more.
    Note: Jobreaders is not affiliated with any of the schools or governments that offer scholarships or other funding for students. The contents here are made, to inform you of the available opportunities.

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