Proven Online Businesses to Earn Hard Currencies Indoors 

These are the Proven Online Businesses to Earn Hard Currencies Indoors, and best of our recommendation for trading safe online. Security of some of these businesses do not imply risk free, but great options in that some can be approached with little or no startup capitals but require personal commitments for over a time.

It does not matter the industry or own likes and dislikes, but the one’s availability and readiness to play by the rules of the game. 

Due to the recent Corona Virus outbreak all over the world, we have been searching for the best online business that will help people trade, serve and earn from their homes and quarantine hubs. 

This is not in any way, a means of taking advantage of the situation; but to provide legitimate means of relief for people affected by the pandemic of which we are all affected.

In this post, you are going to learn three distinct, simple online businesses that can help you earn a living indoors, except while you Blog to Bank. 

Why Proven Online Businesses?

In other words, we have tried these businesses before recommending them as proven. They are businesses that we are either running now or things done in the past; that can help anyone make money from anywhere in the world. 

So, this content is prepared on a global perspective, following the recent shifts. Listing blogging as one of the online businesses shows you that we are an authority in our assertions in that we are still blogging. 

An online business, by definition, means a set of service or products that can be transferred through the internet, in exchange for money.

Most online businesses demand a unified means of payment due to economic diversity. Different countries have different currencies, and to transact safely over the internet, one needs a means of making and accepting payment that will be acceptable in different states of coverage.

Forex Trading 

Forex Exchange (FX) is known as a marketplace where investors all over the world, banks, institutions and traders make predictions, purchase and sell world currencies. 

It provides an environment where these set of global traders exchange one currency to another or more, in bid to make huge profits. Asked, I’d say that it is one of the most secured markets in the world; be it in the virtual or real environment. 

If you are honestly searching for Online Businesses to Earn Hard Currencies, Forex is the best for anyone who can invest for either a long term or short. It is also advised to get proper advice before moving into FX due to the high demand for technical approaches.


This may appear to be an alternative to Forex Trading because it’s a business with relatively low-risk margin, but it demands commitment and efforts.

Even though one can blog and earn a living indoors as a blogger, there may be a need to invest a little more time, money and a few other resources such as patience. Do you have an already existing business or want to venture into one as a blogger; you can now learn how to make money blogging

For the past five years, I have been committed to a series of blogs, and I must attest to the significant venture.

In all my teaching about blogging as internet business, I fail not to share the few lines above, but don’t also allow my readers to be scared away, because we have designed a super solution to blogging anywhere.

A blog to Bank is a complete guide that makes working as a blogger much more comfortable, and also boosts the rewards in shorter times. 

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Mini Importation

If you can figure out the type of products that may be needed in your neighbourhood, online community and in your country, this is a time to learn how to import and make great sales.

Mini Importation is one of those most misunderstood online and offline businesses, but out Complete Guides on Mini Importation will help you hit the nail by the head, from 2020.

You don’t need to freak out when you don’t have enough money to get started. You can go through the testing strategies suggested here, before sourcing for funds to back your ideas.


Although this internet game is a little bit for time-consuming, a good number of crypto, have emerged, and experienced investors are cashing out large. One can purchase some currencies and earn large fractions of the real market cost on dales, and that has been the journey for temporal cryptocurrency traders.

Two weeks ago, one of our financial correspondents played a role in finding out the best ways one can purchase and earn a living playing around this new technology of currency.

You can learn How to Make Money Trading on Cryptocurrency, or better still leave a comment for mentors to follow up. 

Making money with cryptocurrency made it to this list of online businesses to earn hard currencies because we believe you can purchase, grow and expect profits in a good number of months.

Virtual Schools/Media 

Podcasting, teaching or merely leveraging the likes of YouTube for journalistic jobs can be very much useful in times like this; as a means of working online and earning profits indoors. 

For instance, providing or teaching a highly needed knowledge can be the next oil wealth in one’s device in that all original contents can be properly monetized.

It does not require great efforts to build an audience around any good content, and making YouTube videos in manners that will attract searching audience could be a great way to sell experience and skills to a broader range of audience, outside the automated monetization chances. 

With a viable idea and content to teach, moments like this when Covid-19 outbreak has sent many people indoors can offer a very much sufficient chance of monetization. 

To learn more about this type of content marketing, you can get a copy of Blog to Bank, for practical guides on content creation and marketing around any niche.


Ecommerce is another source of income for webmasters who can discover two essential things in their niche. As a business that brings buyer and products and services together, it can be divided into two distinct forms.

One is more lucrative, takes more time and other resources, but one is less profitable and requires almost nothing from the investor.

One is the set of products and services on higher demand, and another is the set of hungry prospects that are willing to buy. Creating and hosting eCommerce sites do not just require this sense of discovery, but with an excellent managerial experience. However, this is one aspect of eCommerce that one can invest and live for. 

Affiliate marketing starts and ends with eCommerce stores. One may not need a website to earn huge percentages from big stores like Aliexpress and the likes.

What this requires is the audience that needs to products and services, creating affiliate accounts with the platforms that sell helps the investor earn referral bonuses per transactions from his/her sources. 

Our Recommendations 

We offer free online consultation for newbies who care for any of the career paths listed above. You are not under any pressure to start without learning how things work.

Feel free to leave a comment; that is one step to join our web factory where men are thought how to earn good living trading and working online.

There is no business that does not require some measure of input from you. Do not be misled with the beauty attached to peoples’ previous rewards.

People are fond of showing records of good times in their businesses but not the sleepless nights and failure records. Investing in any scheme requires some key eye-openers that guide both the newbies and the experts who care to improve. 

Learn More about opportunities for career development in any field at

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