4 Recommended Habits for your Academic Success in Nigeria

You may not know we have fundamental habits that can guarantee academic success in Nigeria, through different fields, degree pursuits and career dreams.  But this article will take you on the brief ride. Having struggled to scale through my degree journey, I have decided to share anything that can predict the success of any student in Nigeria.

As a Nigerian, a student or graduate; better still, an aspiring student, some facts should never escape your memories. 

In this post, we termed them recommended Habit that assures academic success in Nigeria. You know, often, when it’s habitual, many feel it goes away from average. But in reality, there is no need for the definition. 

Let us relates this term with what student needs to scale through in their academic and business careers, as Nigerians. 

In our previous post on how to apply for scholarships by less privileged Nigerians, some reacted with the use of the term “Less Privileged”, but in the real sense, most of us are in the same category. 

Whether you accept it or not, an American Green Passport is more precious than what some brag with as Doctorate Degrees in Nigeria.

There is no intention to belittle any efforts, but the truth cannot erase the fact that we live in a third-world country. 

Anyways, that does not make you a third-class personality, and that is why we share anything we can, to get you ahead of your careers.

When I said addiction, i was referring to some set of uncontrollable habitual activities that students in Nigeria would never take for granted. 

Having studied and graduated as a Nigeria, i can be held responsible for my choices of words. But I remain in the right position to put myriads of others through when early career and skill opportunities are in question. 

Why should be this Habitual?

Being honest, i cannot recall my days in secondary school, in that time has healed a lot of experiences. Perhaps, I was a kid.

But the correct answer to this question is that so far there exist some needs among any class of student in Nigeria; there is also need to embrace a few steps to r rationalizing measures as young leaders.

There has always been an apparent mismatch in the famous adage that says “Children are the leaders of tomorrow”, but that only takes effects in this part of the world.

Last month, I came across an image that changes my whole perception of being a student writer. That was when i realized it’s better saying the truth that being professional and correct ( at all time). 

The image below was a kid whose future was predictable as a toddler. But when compared with the issues at hand, students will be left with the choice of asking “What is truly the problem?”

But for the sake of the scope of this content, we will navigate to the Recommended Habits that Guarantee Academic Success in Nigeria.

But before that, it will be unjust to jump a process that helps define the intention of this post.

What is Academic Success?

What it implies to say that a student is academically successful, are facts that most scholars have narrowly defined, with time. 

That Mr Ernest succeeded in securing a scholarship award for international studies and made his way to London, does not mean that the James at home running his Masters has become a failure. 

The definition of success does not just become individualistic, but personal and should be in the alignment to the set-goals. 

If your academic goal is to become one of the most respected lecturers in the field of law, then becoming makes you successful.

From time to time, there has never been a yardstick for measuring the level and quality of success, and that is one of the mysterious aspects of the creation. 

Challenges facing youths in Nigeria

From my academic perspective, the rate of corruption is alarming. But that is different from the sins of unconcern.

Over 80% of Nigerian student aspires for a right school and expect a good job in return.

Only a few cares about politics, skill development for the myriads of societal and market challenges.

And the worst of it all is that we have failed to fruitfully harness the available resources that our elites (today) did not have.

For instance, a massive percentage of the political classes were products of foreign universities.

Top industry leaders have the same profile, with a little margin coming from wealthy financial backgrounds.

But now, we have the technology and the most effective tool for global connection, Education and business. 

Students can now enrol for online degrees, contact Universities abroad and even chose to take a few free online courses.

Aside from this, there are millions of blogs and resource-based websites that are all meant for the best of careers.

But instead of harnessing these prospects and taking the best chances, we prefer entertainment and jokes.

These are not the only Recommended Habits that can guarantee your Academic Success in Nigeria, but they are recommended for other aspects of one’s endeavours:

Consumption and get Certified

To every course out there, there are particular skills set for the student to acquire. No matter one’s department or aspiration, there are thousands of more recognized institutions that have thousands of courses to offer free on the internet.

If skills and needs for solution truly define the academic goals, then consuming and getting certifies should be considered a great achievement in our own time.

To obtain these online degrees may not be all a student should aspire for, but develop those core qualities that will spike relevance in the market.

The era of waiting on school admission proceeds are over in that schools are selecting the best candidates for admission. But so far, the zeal to be educated with knowledge is the goal; taking these courses online comes into one of the habits that guarantee academic success.

Aside from these, those tough courses/subjects that deal with students in the classroom have also been made naked by other lecturers and teacher who make use of YouTube.

Not succeeding academically, is no longer a result of inadequate human resources or poor facilities, but students’ inability to properly harness tools that guaranteed academic success.

Be Seekers 

If you are not comfortable with the present fund values, you have as a student, the best you can do is to either develop sellable skills or seek scholarships.

These are the only recommended means of funding your drams as students in Nigeria because the places of part-time jobs do not exist in the labour market.

Applying for scholarships via the platforms we have made available can be much more comfortable than seeking external aids to complete your degrees.

Currently, there are quite a good number of scholarship opportunities for students in Nigeria. From any class, the application is highly recommended as those habits that will ensure academic success.

You can apply for these recent undergraduate scholarship opportunities:

Do not wait until the application deadline is passed. Getting scholarship positions is one of the top needs of most Nigerians students for their academic success.

Cast your net 

Academic success outside the vast network may amount to nothing but a waste. These facts stand to be either justified or criticized but cannot argue how useless it is to walk alone. 

Going through the secondary schools, Universities and other, for about four to five years without getting people to learn more about your strengths show a bit of weakness. 

Carefully matched, there is no academic success that does not need humans to materialize.

Keep being introversive aside and set time to face the reality of our time; this a new age that demands quality connections outside gender-influenced relationships.

Even if you are more corporate than academic, there is a room for the accepted adage that says ‘the best place to build a business is in people’.

So, surrounding one’s self with positive people make it even surer of success, and that leads in this recommendation for habits that foster academic success in Nigeria.

Use the Technology

 Because you accepted the second recommendation, it is no longer arguable that you need a quality means of communication.

I want to tell you a real-life story that changed my perspective to the use of communication systems in Education, as a Nigerian. When I was in school, the trending instant messaging app was 2Go. 

But there was this friend that was as ambitious as I was back in the University and he almost met her fortune as an applicant, but something happened. 

He was shortlisted for a business grant worth Five thousand US Dollar ($5,000) but missed to show up because he could not check his email as instructed by the board.

From this, you can draw the prominent note that just having a valid email address does not guarantee communication. The best use of digital platforms in Education also guarantee academic success, and we recommend them as our needful habits for students in Nigeria.

However, the simple list below should keep you guided:

  1. Consider groups (Facebook, WhatsApp and others) and pages as informative, to playgrounds;
  2. Do not let a day pass by, without checking your emails;
  3. Follow social media groups and pages that align to your destination. Don’t waste resources on celebrities that don’t have what to offer you
  4. As you interact, stay guided to your time.

These tips are not, in a way, comprehensive with regards to what habits a student needs to develop for his or her academic success, as Nigerian citizens.

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