Rice University Acceptance Rate ($57,375 Annual Scholarship)

This review will help you discover the Rice University acceptance rate review, tuition, admission processes and available financial aid, including scholarships.

As a private research institution, Rice University is ranked #100 in the 2023 world university ranking. Aside from being one of the best student destinations in Houston, United States, the school extend their admission to accommodate students from different socioeconomic background.

However, Rice is generally considered a very competitive school in terms of its admission; both for local and international students.

Before we dive into the full review with the view of helping students and researchers land their dream admission, let us take a closer look at some basic information about the institution.

About Rice University

Willian Marsh Rice University is popularly known as Rice University and is a private research institution in Houston, Texas in the United States of America.

Rice is occupying a 300-acre with its campus near the Houston Museum District and over 4,000 annual undergraduates enrollment.

The annual cost of study at Rice is $71,745 and about $17,805 for students who qualify for some financial aid. Aid available for students at Rice University includes grants, and scholarships from the institution, state and federal government.

Notable alumni of William Marsh Rice University include Lance Berkman, Robert Woodrow Wilson, Peggy Whiteson ad John Doerr.

Official data reveal that for every 100 applicants, only about 9 candidates get admission offers. This result suggests that Rice is one of the most challenging schools to get into, in the United States.

Aside from the Rice acceptance rate review, what it entails in this guide includes the admission requirements and how you can get started, as an aspiring student.

Admission into Rice University

Students who are vying for degrees and other titles at Rice University pay attention to the requirements, important dates and official application procedures.

The time it takes for the schools to make a decision on your admission application depends on several factors, including when you complete your submissions.

Rice is looking for diverse thinkers and students who can bring different life experiences and unique perspectives to their campus.

To gain admission into this school, considering the rice acceptance rate, your application needs to stand out and by that, it should be over 90% competitive.

Here are the study levels who can start their application via the official admission portal:

  1. First Year Domestic Applicants
  2. Questbridge Applicants
  3. First Year International Applicants
  4. Special Populations
  5. Transfer Applicants
  6. Graduate Students

To get started with an application for your admission at Rice University, you will need to find your admission counsellor from this page.  However, learning more about the admission requirements as we proceed may place a competitive badge on your own application.

Admission Requirement at Rice University

Before running to the Rice University application portal, students should have the documents and be 100% ready to fill out vital forms.

Kindly Note: Rice University’s requirements for international students may not be the same as requirements for US citizens.

Rice University’s acceptance rate is 9%; consequently, most students who gain admission have SAT scores between 1490 and 1570 or ACT scores of 34 and 35.

It is also important to realize that admission decision is based on school policies and it may into account the GPA, and test score with a number of other factors such as your extracurricular activities, impacts and personal achievements.

Material Requirements for Admission at Rice University

Here is a complete list of Rice University admission requirements:

  1. Resume or CV
  2. Official Transcripts
  3. Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  4. Two Letters of Recommendation
  5. $85 Application Fee
  7. GRE

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NB: English Language Test is only an admission requirement for students whose native language is not English. GRE is also one of the optional admission requirements at Rice.

What is Rice University’s minimum GPA?

The minimum GPA that Rice University accepts for admission is 3.0 grade point, and considering the acceptance rate, presenting a higher GPA grade point is a plus during the admission decision.

What are the English requirements for Rice University?

At Rice University, TOEFL/IELTS scores are required for students whose native language is not English. For sending electronic score, the code to use is 6609 and for the TOEFL, the minimum score that the institution accept is 90 on the iBT and 600 on the paper-based TOEFL.

Does Rice University have automatic admission?

Rice University offers automatic admission for students in the United States and international students. There are no additional interviews that the school conducts for admission purposes and considerations follow students’ application.

It is worthy of note that more than 21% of all students who gain admission also get merit scholarships.

How much is the application fee for Rice?

While submitting your application for admission at Rice, ensure to include the application fee of $85. This fee is necessary for the processing of all the documents you submit and does not guarantee an offer of admission.

Note: This Rice University application fee of $85 is non-refundable.

How much is the application fee for Rice University for international students?


The admission application fee for domestic and international students at Rice University is the same, $85 and needs to be paid to mark 100% completion of the entire application process.

How to Start the Application

All admission application at Rice University takes root from the central admission information page, for all students. So, to get started, kindly visit this official admission page to choose from the various programs.

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Tuition at Rice University

Tuition for undergraduates, based on the 2023/2024 academic session is $57,210. Other fees that make up the cost of study at Rice include $15,900 for living expenses, $1,400 for books, and about $2,800 for personal expenses with an average total of $78, 278.

NB: The total cost of study at Rice is $78,278 and that is outside the financial aid. When financial aid is applied, a projection of just about $18,000 annual expenditure is expected.

How Much is Tuition at Rice University for 4 Years?

The most recent tuition at Rice is $57,210 and that includes an increment of $3,110 over the current year. Tuition for 4 years at Rice University will amount to $228,840 assuming there will be no policy changes that will affect the price.

Also note that tuition is not the only fee that students will be paying as there are mandatory fees like books, living expenses and other factors outside financial aid.

How to Apply for Rice University Financial Aid

Our efforts here at Jobreaders.org is to provide the most effective reviews that will land you a dream offer of admission with 100% financial aid.

However, in as much as we thrive to make the best reviews, it is kind to note that there is no one university that is the best for every student.

Learning about the types of financial aid available at Rice University is one way of getting started with your quest of being funded.

At Rice, there are grants, merit scholarships, loans and student employment for US citizens and international students. Based on data published on the institution’s portal, the average freshmen aid at Rice is $57,375 with a number of other benefits.

To get started with learning about the right support available for your level of study, here is the official aid portal of Rice University.

FAQ About Rice University Acceptance Rate

Aside from the Rice Acceptance rate, there is a handful of what aspiring students desire to learn about the institution. Putting this feedback together, in our fashion, is to help you get what you are looking for.

What is the average scholarship for Rice University?

Events show that 70% of undergraduates at Rice University get some financial aid (including scholarships), suggesting more than 574 students get an average of $47,887 annually.

How much is the tuition fee at Rice University?

$57,210 is the average tuition fee for undergraduates at Rice University. Note also, tuition for graduate studies will vary from program to program.

Data from official sources show that tuition for 2022/2023 for graduate studies is $39,000 per academic year.

NB: Professional Master’s Program is of 3-semester tuition and only part-time enrollment is calculated based on credit rate.  At Rice University, part-time enrollment is charged per credit hour.

Is Rice University public or private?

Rice University is 100% a private University. The school is a private research institution located in Houston, and it is one of the best private Universities in Texas, United States.

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