Top 10 Internet Business Myths to be Avoided Now

In as much as many things are confirmed true, there is still a number of obvious internet business myths that you must avoid now, for the sake of the new phase of this new global economy. To any business, there is a need to be aware of some of these factors.

I was once discussing with my friends over money in the air and one of them looked up to know whether he will see the money I was talking about, but could not see anything.  

What I meant was that there is money in the world of the internet if only you know how to go about it.

An open discussion between me and my students on the importance of computer resulted that the only thing they could tell me about the usage of computers is how to use it for a fraudulent purpose popularly known as Yahoo-Yahoo. 

I came to discover that they are not the only ones that have this type of orientation about internet and computer, so that is why I decided to come up with this top 10 internet business myth to avoid 

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What are the top 10 internet Business myth to avoid?

Get Rich Quick Scheme

The internet is filled with so many things the good, the bad, and the ugly. You will notice that sometimes you will see some websites that will be telling you to invest $10 and tomorrow you will get $50 you see that the payout is big to compare days it will stay. 

But you will ask yourself what type of investment they will do with the money to generate that type of money within two days; this simply tells you that its all a scam. 

Some of them do payout at the initial but as time goes on when the money becomes too much they have to close down crush with their subscribers’ money rendering so many people useless and broke. 

As am talking to you I know someone who went off business today because he used his business money to invest with several Ponzi schemes and they all crashed. 

The reason why I didn’t waste my time chasing such wealth was because I don’t have enough money with me not to talk of investing in a ponzi scheme and another was that I asked myself a question and the question is, the money they pay out to people how do they generate it? is it not to rob Peter to pay Paul what if peter refused to be robbed what becomes Paul’s faith.

While I was carrying out my normal research I came across a website that claims to be a cloud mining website and after some weeks they changed their domain name, only changing their domain name within two weeks tells you that they are not genuine. 

Another one is that they are promising so much that if you invest 0.0049Btc within 24hrs you will get 0.5Btc isn’t that too much, please permit me to convert it to Naira what it means is that you spend N13,226.33 to get N1,330,616.90 and I am very sure that there is absolutely no way you can be able to mine up to 0.5btc within 24hrs.  

Product Testing

So many popular companies do employ the services of other people that are not close to them to help them test quality of their product and give them feedback towards their improvement but these days you find out that after everything you will be rewarded with gift cards like an Amazon gift card, iTunes gift card, and the likes.

It not a bad one but the problem here is how to redeem it to cash because it makes no sense working without getting paid for your time and effort.

It doesn’t mean that we will avoid product testing completely but before going into it, its only wise you know their terms and condition which we don’t even read. I suggest you go for anyone that pays out with PayPal.

Crypto Scam

There are so many of them under this category I will take my time to explain it one by one. The first one I will talk about is the one called bitcoin generator, here when you type bitcoin generator on the google search bar you will see thousands of them but all of them are a scam.

We are aware that before you can be able to mine bitcoin you need to put so many things in place such as good mining types of equipment like ASIC miner that cost up to $10,000, constant power supply, internet connection.

And this does not guarantee that you can be able to make one bitcoin In two or three weeks. Now what type of generator can be able to get you 2BTC in 3 minutes can’t you see that it not working. It can only be possible if you’re using Google Sycamore Quantum computer that can mine 3 million bitcoins in 2 seconds who know how much such a computer will cost. 

Bitcoin Doubling

This one is similar to the fake bitcoin generating software but this is all about telling you to send your bitcoin to a particular address that it will be sent double to you within an hour or immediately all these are part of internet business myth to stay away from if you want to survive online.

Forex Trading Account Managing Scam

Forex trading investment is not a scam but nowadays you find it difficult to know the real ones from the fake ones because everybody is claiming to be an account manager.

They will tell you to bring a particular amount of money that you will receive your money double within a giving period and after everything, you will not get anything.

I came across one and she explained everything to me but what paused the whole thing was that I gave it a second thought, the person I was talking about I met her online what if it turns out to be scam who will I hold responsible where will I go and look for her, all these made me cancel the transaction even when the startup capital is as low as three thousand Naira (N3,000)

Media business Scammers

Media scam as the name implies is mostly found in platforms like YouTube here someone will just make a fake business video trying to use it to defraud people when you see it you will think that it is a real one thereby subscribing to what they presented to you.

When I see this type what I do is to go down to comment box and check what others are saying about it because you’re not the only person that came across the video or the product, by reading it you will see people explaining their displeasure or pleasures about it.

Time Consuming Business Scam

This scam is not only when it comes to money but also your time. This type of business will not ask you to invest money but rather give you a task that will take most of your time and we all know that time is money. 

They give you a referral or clicking task promising to pay you when you reach a particular threshold but after everything, you will not get anything. 

Identity Business Scam

Identity business scam is mostly for those that don’t check site security and credibility before putting in their details which may be credit card details or social media account. 

In the aspect of credit card, they do transfer your money and you will be getting alert on your phone but that of social media account is that when you visit a particular website that asked you to log in with your Facebook account and you did not check it well before you log in, your Facebook details will be stored in their database of which they will use it to log in to your account to promote porn or any other type of business. 

That’s when you will say that your account has been hacked.

Fake Business or Product Review

In the world of online business, there is nothing impossible, scammers understand the importance of review so what they now do is to get people to give reviews that are not true about their business, that is why when you come to a website everything you will be seeing will be positive.

It is not bad to get all positive review but when you go through it you will know the one that is real or fake.

Now that you have seen my views on the internet business myths, what next? You will love to learn more about a few profitable internet and other businesses, and we recommend this page for your further research.

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